I met Paul, a fashion portrait photographer at Focus on Imaging and asked If I could shoot a few portraits of him. I chose to use my newly acquired Fuji X-Pro1 and my trusty Elinchrom Quadra. Test shoots for me are all about trying new styles and techniques. Some work and some fail. I certainly found a jpeg workflow unforgiving so I’m glad I used my Hoodman Loupe at the shooting stage to set the exposure. Enjoy


03. I used the Elinchrom Quadra for all these pictures. I also wanted to explore negative space in my composition.


05. Here is a behind the scenes shot showing my Quadra head on a Lovegrove Avenger boom arm. The kit is super portable and especially so when I have an assistant and second shooter like Johnny Holden :)





10. I'd never have had the courage to shoot such severe lighting and extreme composition for a client but now I think it works - just.

My thanks go to Paul Clifford and Johnny Holden for being up for it and sharing some good times.

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  1. Mark Dell

    Great test shots Damien
    What is the X pro like in your opinion?
    I am interested in case i decide to sell all my Canon gear and jump ship to it for portrait work
    Love the shots with the Quadras they are bits of kit i would really love to invest in!

    • damien

      Hi Mark,

      You are not the only person after my thoughts on the X-Pro1 so I wrote up my first month with the camera here. The Elinchrom Quadra is the best compact light for street shooting beyond the humble Speedlight.

      Cheers, Damien.

    • damien

      Hi Darren,

      Thanks for your favourable comment. I used just the standard 150mm reflector and diffuser cap that comes with the Quadra. I hope this helps. Damien.

  2. Brett Symes

    shot number 3 is terrific, I love the composition, Paul has lots of room to breathe in the frame.
    It finds that fantastic balance between looking natural and striking, combined with a fantastic use of horizontals and verticals to frame the subject. Loving it Lovegrove!

    • damien

      Thanks Brett,

      I’m having a dabble with artistic composition at the moment and I seem to be having some success. I hope your photography journey keeps hitting new highs.

      Cheers, Damien.

  3. Daniel

    Any problem to shoot with skyport speed (1/250) when the camera can only sync at 1/160???

    • Damien

      Hi Daniel, You can use Skyport Speed but you must set a shutter speed equal or slower than the camera sync speed. I hope this helps. Damien.

  4. Daniel

    And Fuji is only 1/160 and this is what bother me….. Maybe using pocket wizard I can go faster!!!!

    • Damien

      Hi Daniel,

      PW is not the answer. 1/180th it is. (I know on the X-Pro and X-E1 1/160 is the nearest setting) You can use ND filters to work at wide apertures with flash. I use a x64 filter on the lens to go from f/11 to f/1.4. The LCD screen or EVF view is perfect as it compensates :) Don’t try that trick on an SLR because you’ll not see a thing.

      Cheers, Damien.

  5. sandy

    had no comment, just want to say thanks for all of your tutorial especially when its related to fuji and elinchrome which is my fav gear….i really found your tutorial, blog, video very useful…really like your style and interpretation.



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