01. It was fabulous shooting with Chloe Jasmine once again.

Here are a set of pictures from my recent Urban Portraits workshop in Bristol. It was my last street workshop of the year and the first Urban Portraits workshop that I have run on a Sunday.

My kit list:

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera, 18mm, 35mm and 60mm lenses.
Canon 580 EX11 Speedlight attached to a Lastolite Jupiter stand using a Lovegrove flash bracket.
55cm Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe with a tilt head bracket and a grid.
Ebay radio triggers (RF601)

Model: Chloe Jasmine Whichello
Styling: Chloe Jasmine Whichello
Make up: Chloe Jasmine Whichello

I taught 6 delegates my street shooting style and how I use a Speedlight creatively. The kit chosen for this kind of workshop is far less relevant than the way it is used. About half of the pictures here use added light from the Speedlight. The weather was very dull indeed and eventually the rain set in so I needed the Speedlight to add contrast and life to some of my pictures. Many look naturally lit even though I used a Speedlight and that subtlety is often the key to a successful set of pictures.


One of the strategies I employ in my urban picture design is to abstract the backgrounds so that we could be anywhere. I then use light and contrast to separate my subject from the background. Part of my training process is teaching delegates how to spot a picture opportunity.



I love working with the junctions in building materials. Being able to divide a picture into zones and playing with their proportions gives room for individual creative expression. Each of my delegates created different compositions with this set up. Once the light was rigged we got creative.


06. I created the vignette with the lighting. Never underestimate the power of a look that is delivered with such intensity.







13. That spark and energy Chloe Jasmine and I generate makes its way into the pictures.


15. The contrast of Chloe’s delicate skin on the rough wall texture adds an element to the picture and so does the low viewpoint. How did I light this frame and the two below it?




19. This is my favourite shot from this set.









Post production: Lightroom 4.2, and a bit of Photoshop CS4 where needed. I then imported the TIFFs back into Lightroom to make a monochrome set for the blog by selecting ‘black and white’ and syncing my settings before exporting with my watermark.

My next Urban Portrait workshops are in Manchester and Bristol. If you have any requests for Sunday workshops or other training events do please drop Laura, my PA an email.

Please feel free to comment on these pictures.

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12 Responses

  1. Alejandro Mendez

    As usual the Lovegrove-Whichello combination delivers outstanding images. Love the darker B&W tone as it brings out the beautiful angles CJ’s face have… If I have to choose #10 and #22 are my favs. But it will be easier to choose the one I don’t like… #28!

    Waching both your work usually helps me to get inspired prior to a shoot, so this list came at the right time!

    Take care my friends.


    • damien

      Hi Alejandro,

      We both have fond memories of you on our workshops. Thank you for your compliments. I agree with you 28 is the weakest :)

      Best regards, Damien.

  2. keith

    Hi Damien

    Its been too long.

    These images are gorgeous – as usual.

    Hope to see you all soon.


    • damien

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your kind words:) You are in the driving seat. Let’s make it happen! Come to Fuerteventura with Martin and I. Cheers, Damien.

  3. David Cooke

    Is it me or has she become even more beautiful, Chloe is pure magic in my eyes.

    Of course having a brilliant photographer at hand helps.

    You two are a great combination Damien

    • damien

      Hi David,

      Chloe Jasmine is always beautiful but when she laughs her cheek bone accentuate and that more defined facial shape is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

      Best regards, Damien.

  4. Peter Bur

    Beautiful work- the Fuji sensor is stunning! You’ve really brought out the beauty and personality of Chloe Jasmine here :)


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