Here are a selection of the pictures taken during the making of the Photographing Couples video. I photographed two couples, one in an urban environment and the other in parkland to create a body of work that shows exactly how I pose, light and shoot my couples pictures. Over 600,000 visits to the posing couples pages on this blog triggered the project that is now finally complete. The pictures I shot are displayed in colour throughout the video with their exposure exif data showing all the information you need to recreate the looks. I also share my Speedlight settings too.

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  1. Robert Pugh

    Sold!! so buying myself this as an rely christmas present and I’m doing to book the corse for next year.

    As an up and coming wedding photographer one of the problems i always face is posing the couples in a way they don’t look like robots so this is perfect for me.

  2. Darren Backx

    Effortless simplicity at its best & you are certainly the master of it, thanks Damien !!

  3. Bob

    I will have some of that when payday comes round. These video downloads are always VFM


  4. Fergus Morley

    excellent video as always. thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. nice to see some rainy ones as well as the better weather variety.

  5. Erik van Rosmalen

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks; I really enjoyed the video – again!

    In one of the first scenes you talk about using a Pocket Wizard and Canon Speedlite with your Fuji X100. And I hear you saying that you’ll get back to that ‘later’. However, later never came…

    Just curious: it appears possible to use the Canon PW on Fuji? Does that go only for this combination or more? How did you find that out?

    • damien

      Hi Erik,

      Thank you for the compliments about my video. Yes indeed you are correct, later never came. You can use a Canon PW with the Fuji cameras to trigger other PW units in the native PW manual mode only. That is, I was using the non ttl communication system that PW employs alongside it’s ttl system in the TT1 and TT5 units. The PW acts like a dumb manual trigger. I have shot my X100 at 1/1000th second with this system without problems.

      Kindest regards,


    • damien

      Hi Erik,

      The PW mini works on an Olymous OMD to trigger Canon or Nikon Speedlights remotely in manual mode. Good luck with your PEN. Damien

  6. Sean Gannon

    Great video again Damian. I have meant to mention it for a while. I bought it on Day 1 and its a great collection of set ups that would help anyone on a wedding or engagement shoot. Keep them coming !


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