This video shows how I make portraits even in gloomy, low lit spaces using the Fujifilm X-T1 camera, the XF 23mm f/1.4 and XF 56mm f/1.2 lenses.

This is the fourth of five videos commissioned by Fujifilm showing how I make beautifully simple portraits. All the 5 Fujifilm chapters are just part of my latest 18 chapter production called ILLUMINATIONThis all new lavish, feature length production comprises nearly two hours of video training in 18 chapters and covers the use of Speedlights, big flash packs and natural light when making fabulous portraits on location.

Model: Victoria Coutts
Makeup: Vicki Waghorn

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  1. Adam

    I always find your training and vidoes so informative and helpful with lighting and posing, thanks again Damien

    • Damien

      Thanks for those kind words Adam. I’ll keep making them so expect a new title release soon. :)

      Kindest regards,


    • Damien

      Hi Kevin,

      It’s all about control and sometimes the best lighting is in the darkest places. Most photographers head for bright zones whereas I’m drawn to the darker ones.

      Thanks for your continued support,

      Best regards, Damien.

  2. Jamie Hotchin Stylianou

    Thanks Damien… Excellent natural lighting techniques ;), certainly food for thought ;). Especially our old english heritage venue we wedding photographers love.

    I’ve made the move over to Fuji on our trip to Brazil last year to try out and now using the X pro for this season of weddings. Adore the colour quality,sharpness and weight and look. Just the slow buffer lets the camera down :(. But I’m pressing on and love it!

    THanks again for your time and contributions ;).

    • Damien

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your continued compliments. I must say the X-T1 is like a rocket compared to the X-Pro1 and for wedding shoots it is the camera for me. My X-Pro1 is now my spare. I shot with it exclusively for two years but when I tried the X-T1 I knew that Fuji had nailed it. I’m still on the original firmware that came with the camera it’s that good. If you hang on a month or 2 there will be black X-T1s on the second hand market as some folk buy the Silver/Graphite version ;)



  3. Michael

    Hi Damien,
    I just love this article, the images are brilliant, i read it over and over.
    May I ask an off topic question here, apologies if its in the wrong section.

    To keep my Nikons active when I am wandering around cities etc, I always set the Auto Power Off option so it never powers off until I use the on/off switch.
    With the Fuji XT displaying permanent Live View, sensor activated all the time, will the sensor overheat or cause problems if I adopt the same approach?
    I am not worried about battery life


    • Damien

      Hi Michael, Mine is set to switch off after 5 mins so I’ve not tried it. What I do know is I can use it in the studio for an hour shooting almost continuously using the LCD to compose and review my shots and I get no issues. I’ve not heard of anyone else having noise or overheating issues. I hope this helps, Damien.


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