The Italian Job ~ is live and ready to book

Apr 29, 2009 | Business, Flash, Location, Wedding | 2 comments

Several months in the planning stages have finally come to fruition. We were originally offered the ‘Graphi Studio’ castle in northern Italy but delays in it’s refurbishment meant we had to look elsewhere. Luckily Julie and I have shot several weddings at Italian castles and villas in recent years so we decided to revisit one of the most enchanting of them all in the heart of Tuscany.

The scenery and the towns are breathtaking. Bathed in sunshine and steeped in history, the charm of Tuscany is something to behold.

We have always wanted to run overseas workshops for photographers in the school holidays because those of us with children can bring the family. While the photographer is working very hard by day ;-) the other family members can explore the surrounding vineyards and villages. Hire cars are readily available, flights are cheap and there is plenty to do in Sienna and it’s environs.

This is not just a holiday ;-) It is a series of 4 workshops that can be enriched with an extended stay. Each workshop has just 8 photographers and is repeated four times so that all 32 photographers can experience the magic of fantastic tuition by world leading tutors. All four days cost £800, that’s just £200 a day (half the price of my main UK training events) There is no VAT applicable as the training is happening abroad.

With the bare bones in place we will now be finalising the detail. Expect talks, wine tastings and a few surprises to be added to the timetable. We have kept the event simple to allow everyone the freedom to integrate with the group as it suits them.

There are just 32 delegate places available so If you want the shooting trip of a lifetime book your place here.

Let me tell you about our keynote trainers. Trevor and Faye Yerbury first inspired me with their pictures and shooting style way back in the last century, 1998 to be exact. Trevor’s work was top notch then and it is better still now. I remember he was shooting with the gold plated Hasselblad he had won in a photographic competition and I had a secondhand black Hassy that I had to buy. I was in awe of him and his work then and since that time Faye, his wife has made a great impact in the industry too. There are not too many living legends in our industry, and the Yerbury’s are certainly among them.

Chris Hanley is one of those rare people that just get it. I’ve been mentoring Chris and his wife Clare for some time now and everything we discuss and explore in terms of shooting style, lighting, shape and form in photography is delivered in his wonderful pictures. Chris has an enthusiasm and passion for creating beautiful pictures that is infectious. He has proved himself a great teacher and I’m proud to have him on board this project.

Marko has been my picture editor for eight years now and is a clear thinking, calm, astute professional. He always brings new techniques and style to digital imaging and has a canny way of delivering a difficult subject to delegates in the classroom with consummate ease.

I am in the line up too and between us all the picture making in Tuscany will be extraordinary. Become a part of this adventure, click here for details.


  1. Rob

    Hope this is successful enough to run another next year, I would be really interested in this if I wasn’t on my honeymoon at the same time.

  2. Susan Renee

    Hello Damien and Julie ….what a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best in a wonderful location..!

    Re the school holidays, unfortunately up here in Scotland, we’re off the week PREVIOUS and the 26th October is the first day back. :-(

    Impossible to please everyone though – so maybe next time!!



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