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Aug 5, 2009 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

A while ago I said I can’t think of why I should want to do chit chat stuff online. After all I rarely use text and anyway what can you usefully say in 140 characters? Well I’ve done some research and I’ve set up a Twitter account for myself. You can follow my tweets here. You can private message me, ask me questions or just read my micro blog posts.

I’m thinking of using Twitter as a bit of a helpline that all of you can participate in (that’s if you tweet).

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter and how it has helped you, either by comenting below or tweeting me. I’ve yet to find my twitter voice so please don’t be too harsh – yet.


  1. David Thomas

    Thanks for that Damien , I should have thought of that .



  2. damien

    Hi David,

    The reason that Twitter will make a great helpline is that questions and answers will be limited to just 140 characters.

    The exact steps I showed you took me quite a while to teach face to face with cameras in our hands. I can’t possibly begin to do it by using words here alone. However I have some advice for you. Take a look at the EXIF data on the shots that you like from the shoot day. They will tell you exactly what setting were used for the shots including the exposure compensation, shooting mode, flash exposure compensation etc. It makes a difference what camera you were using and only by checking the EXIF will you know what are the perfect settings for your camera, lens, flash combination.

    Kindest regards,


  3. David Thomas

    Damien hi, reading your remarks about twitter you mention using it as a helpline as well, wellll i need some help to jog my memory. I was on an urban shoot with you, and you showed us how to get these terrific shots by under exposing in the camera and making adjustments in flash, now on the day it was a lot to take in, so much so that when I got home work was waiting anyway to cut a long story short I cant remember the steps you showed us, can you help by refreshing the memory.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. damien

    Thank you Scott and Heinz, I’ve been working on the Twitter thing for nearly a week now and I’ve yet to tune in my tweet.

    The boring beckons but the magic has an opportunity to flourish too. I shall try to find magic in 140 characters as often as I can.


  5. Scott Everett

    I have been on Twitter for a little while now myself and must say that it has been surprisingly useful. I was like you when I first signed up – not into texting, didn’t understand microblogging – but Twitter has become more than I had hoped for.

    Not only has it put me into contact with other photographers, local and international, but it has also put me into direct contact with potential clients. I do promote my photographic goings-on through Twitter, but I also discuss my everyday stuff – dad duty, computer stuff, observations. Being a normal person and not solely a photographer has fostered real relationships with others.

    Another value I have gotten from social networking has been the meetups. Twice a month a group of social media types in the area get together for lunch or Hors d’oeuvres. Who’d have thought that this online social networking thing would lead to meeting people in real life? It has given me a chance to reaffirm those relationships I have built online and on at least a couple of occasions, someone in the group has come up to me and said, “I (or someone I know) need some photographs and you were the first person I thought of.” Who could ask for better marketing?

    Enjoy your stay on Twitter and I hope it leads to even bigger and better for you.


  6. Heinz Schmidt

    At first I also thought Twitter was a bit of a gimmick and would be of little use but I have found that Twitter is useful whenever I want other professional photographers’ opinions on a subject. I also sometimes answer questions posted by other photographers, wedding planners and other followers.

    Most people tweet things they find amazing, interesting and new. Getting a regular feed of these sorts of things keeps the mind fresh and sometimes even inspires creativity in my own photo shoots.

    Twitter is a useful marketing tool, a tool that helps you reach out to like-minded people and a source of inspiration.

    Just be patient when someone keeps ranting on about their broken PC, lost cat or latest (least favorite) client.

    Enjoy!…. and welcome to Twitterland. @foralifetime


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