New Speedlight Mastery video info and pre-order page is live

Nov 23, 2009 | News | 15 comments

Below is a clip from the 2.5 hour production. Here is a link to the information page I have created for this new video production. You can view another clip from the movie there too. Please take a look and pop back with any questions you may have.

Click here for an online gallery of all the images taken on this video production.


  1. Roger Griffiths

    Hi Damien

    A big thanks for yesterday on the new PW course what a fantastic day, I learnt so much!! My head was spinning on the way back home but in a good way and the day certainly filled me with confidence and I’m looking forward to using the techniques in the future… Thanks also to Natasha (fantastic model) for being so patient on a very cold day. Hope it’s not raining too much for todays course :-)

    Thanks again


  2. damien

    Hi Brian,

    Yes you can. Just put in the comments section at the checkout ‘please refund the VAT’ and we will do just that. We will credit your card the same day with the VAT element.

    Kindest regards,


  3. Brian Ryan

    Hi Damien,

    I want to buy both your new DVD and your flash bracket but as I cannot claim back the UK VAT, as I live in Ireland, can I make this purchase as an Ex-Vat purchase?


  4. damien

    Hi Richie,

    Yes the flash is in ETTL mode.

    Regards, Damien.

  5. Richie

    Damien –
    Love the clip and looking forward to the DVD!

    We’re you shooting in ETTL when you had the flashes zoomed to 105?

  6. Angela

    I couldn’t download, but as everyone seems so excited, it must be good. See you soon,

  7. Jason Little

    Hi Damien.

    I am always very excited to see new training products released from you. I am a huge fan and love your way of teaching. Cant wait to receive this as I really struggle with speedlights still.
    Keep up the good work and sen my regards to the beautiful Julie and the hard working team (and the beautiful Marko as well of course, he’s just not my type haha)



  8. Simon

    Hi Damien,

    Before I pre-order do the blu-ray and normal DVD’s versions have identical content but just at a different quality…….or will there be any “extras” on the blu-ray verison, due to more space being available…..


    • damien

      Hi Simon, Both versions have identical content. The menu systems are different because Blu-Ray can continue to play in the background while you bring up a menu whilst the DVD jumps back to the start and presents you with options there. Both menus will let you jump straight to any chapter.

      The DVD resolution is about 400 pixels high and the Blu-Ray is 1080 pixels high. When you are reviewing the stills at the end of each chapter the difference is staggering. Having said that you will learn identical techniques whatever disc you watch.

      Tip: The second hand value of the Blu-Ray will be much higher than that of the DVD in a couple of years time.

      Regards, Damien.

  9. Phil

    Just pre ordered mine :))

  10. Gwyn Cole

    I’ve pre-ordered my copy also… yeah!! I’m so excited about this new DVD. I’ve been using Damien’s techniques a lot in my photography since I attended an Urban Portraits session. Having this DVD to watch when I get back the UK for Christmas is just so perfect!

  11. Abraham


    thank you so much for releasing this material. I live in the US and I have been wanting to attend your workshops, drooling over the wealth of knowledge I could acquire through your teachings, but I just don’t have that kind of finances. I have been dreaming of being able to download videos of your workshops, either on a pay-per-download basis or perhaps as an annual tuition. This upcoming video is definitely the next best thing. I hope you keep these coming. I love your teaching style and I’ve learned so much from all your current videos, which I proudly own. Keep up the great work!


  12. damien

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your excitement. This has been a long journey for me and I feel this new video production is the pinnacle of my career so far. Somehow it all just happened in a way that made me feel completely at ease and free flowing in my delivery. I knew the crew and I had great support from my production team. I spent a long time (18 months) researching and practicing my techniques like mad so that I could deliver fully proven ways to work with the humble Speedlight both inside and out.

    When we first went into the edit suite in September we had 40 items to work with and our time line stretched to nearly four hours. Four hours of full HD was no problem for Blu-Ray but 2.5 hours of standard definition is the absolute maximum for DVD.

    So I cut the number of items down to 23 and we just came in at 2.5 hours. The best of the extra items will be edited and released as downloads at some point in the new year, but what we have ended up with on the disc is a wonderful collection of the absolute best, most informative items.

    The 3 camera shooting style of production was cut in real time so that you get to see each item from my initial concept and thoughts right through to the final capture. At times I make big changes in the shooting process and I’ve kept those in to show the reality of my picture making, because I reckon you can learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.

    We all had great fun shooting this video and I hope that the images and techniques that are freely shared give you fun in your picture making too.

    A video trailer will be added to the site next week. I’ll choose one of the chapters in it’s entirety to show the true nature and style of the content. This is a far more valuable tool than a funky set of sequences cut to music, when deciding to invest hard earned money on a video.

    So if you are still undecided about buying this video, wait a week and all will be revealed.


  13. Tibor Ogrizek

    Pre-ordered mine :) I think it`s going to be a great learning tool for me and fun to watch after 1 December Creative TTL Workshop I`ll be attending. Like a resume.

  14. Darren Bell

    Pre-ordered already and cannot wait!! If they are like the other DVD’s i know i’ll be trying out all you advice and tips as soon as possible!!!

    Always an inspiration! :-)


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