A look forward to 2011

Jan 2, 2011 | News | 13 comments

Here are a few insights on my plans for 2011

Picture Styles
My picture style development during the first few months of 2011 will be aimed at creating dramatic fantasy post wedding fashion shoots. An outdoor location version of the ‘Cherish the Dress’ brand so brilliantly established by former Evolver, Chris Hanley. This will incorporate fine lighting using all the tools in the box including big flash and Speedlights. Shooting in dramatic locations like cliffs, castles, lakes and woodland and in all weathers. We will be protecting (not trashing) the dresses and aiming for a more dynamic and fantasy look than my regular style. Expect textures and colour palette tweaking in post production too.

The fine art nude/ boudoir picture style project that I started in the last quarter of 2010 will continue as ideas and opportunities arise. Below is one of thirty or so mood boards for picture, lighting and posing ideas that I have created in readiness for 2011.

I want to include men in the picture mix too. I believe there is a big largely untapped market for boudoir style couple shots.

I want to include men in the picture mix too. I believe there is a big, largely untapped market for boudoir style couple shots. This mood board was created using Moodboard Pro on my iPad. It's a great tool that I regularly use to share ideas with photographers, models and clients. The pictures here by a variety of talented photographers were found online mainly using the Google Images search engine and a few key search terms.

Art Book
My first art or coffee table book will be launched in March/ April. The book titled Chloe-Jasmine Whichello was shot over four and a half months in the second half of 2010. There are punchy street portraits, high class fashion shots and delicate art nudes among the 160 or so photographs of the fabulous C-J. The first 1000 copies of this lavish edition will contain one of five signed and numbered archival prints each in a limited edition of 200. The first 1000 books will also be numbered themselves and signed by Chloe and I. They are expected to be priced at £85 each. Subsequent general release copies from the first print run will be priced at or around £50. The exchange rate from Sterling to USD may affect the final sale price.


The cover


sample spread 1

sample spread 2

sample spread 2

sample spread 4

sample spread 3

sample spread 5

sample spread 4

Floppy Chicken

The art gallery website for photographers called Floppy Chicken will launch by the end of January. We are already starting to take on contributing photographers. If you shoot or know someone who shoots artistic images that will have a wide appeal and look great as large limited edition prints, do get in touch with Laura in the first instance. Experts in their field will be invited to curate the various genres. Floppy Chicken is an exciting project for me to have commisioned.


I have designed a super bracket thingy (not chosen a name yet) to facilitate the use of one or two Speedlights with an umbrella. The design of this bracket will remain secret until it’s launch. There are many options to perform a similar task on the market all with their problems and none with this feature set. The first batch are being made at the moment and will be available at Focus on Imaging. Expect to be amazed, wowed and excited when you see them :)

There are just two places left on the 2011 training programme for wedding photographers that starts at the end of March. Early adopters are already receiving key benefits of advice and consultation. Do you feel you have what it takes to become a wedding photographer of distinction, an industry leader? Do you want to accelerate your journey into the high profit sector? If so get in touch with Blaise today. Or message me on Twitter @damienlovegrove more information about Evolve is in this pdf.

Workshops abroad
I am planning to revisit Italy with a series of workshops at some point in 2011 and to Germany, Spain and South East Asia too. My diary is pretty full now with Travel and Evolve commitments already assigned so the planning process is over for now and it’s time for action. The dates of the trips will be released shortly once locations have been confirmed and flights have become available.

Workshops at home
Due to the considerable time I have allocated to my Evolve delegates there will be 30% less time for UK workshops in 2011. Demand for these is likely to be as high as ever so get your bookings in early. Don’t wait for a workshop to appear that you fancy. Email Blaise and let her know what you want to do and when. We can then allocate workshops to the available dates based on demand. Come and see us at SWPP and Focus on Imaging

2011 is going to be an amazing year although tough for some with the governments austerity measures kicking in by May. The value of property is likely to fall again and this may some effect on market confidence in the retail sector. My role as a team leader and mentor will be to steer our ship and those of my ‘Evolvers’ through the storm. We will need to stay on the course that has been set. If you have yet to set your course and develop a clear plan for 2011 now is the perfect time.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. I wish you every success and happiness in 2011.



  1. CoventryBob

    Where is the Floppy Chicken Soup for the Soul website?
    Seriously congratulations – can’t wait for your book to arrive.
    Well done all the team involved – some great photographers in your stable already Damien.
    Great stuff and long may it continue..

    • damien

      Thank you Bob. Your continued support and compliments mean a lot.

      Thanks, Damien.

    • damien

      Hi Monika,

      I am in liaison with Gary Jorgensen to set up a series of workshops in S.E. Asia. I will keep everyone informed when they are arranged :)

      All the best,


  2. Mandy L  Meadows

    Cant wait for the book, appart from being completely beautiful Chloe is a lovely person too. Being a old evolver myself I will be using tools and advice to redirect my work this year. I have a great feeling about it and cant wait. Thanks for the on going support and inspiration Damien.

    Mandy x

    • damien

      Hi Stefan and Mandy, Thank you :) I am finalising the arrangements for uploading content on Floppy Chicken and that site will be the exclusive outlet for the numbered, limited editions with signed prints etc.

      Kindest regards to you both, Damien

  3. OttossonPhoto

    Exciting! Have a fantastic year Damien. And I hope we meet somewhere through the year…


    • damien

      Hi Benny,

      Yes, I hope we get to meet up in 2011. Who knows perhaps we will create some workshops together too.

      Kindest regards, Damien.

  4. Barney Walters

    I agree. & would also be interested in pre-ordering one of the signed copies.

    • damien

      Hi Barney,

      Keep an eye on this blog for news of the book launch and pre release sales options. The artists pre release copies are on their way to us. We will have the first 5 copies here next week and the remaining books will be arriving some six weeks later by ship from the far East. Thanks, Damien.

  5. Roger

    Superb Damien and an inspiration as always. Will it be possible to pre-order a copy of the limited editions, if so would like to be on the list?

    • damien

      Hi Roger,

      Yes the limited editions of the book will be available for pre order within a month. I will publicise it here, so do check back :)

      Best regards, Damien.


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