Fuji X100 colour pictures ~ mini update

Jul 15, 2011 | Location | 13 comments

I’ve been ever so lucky to be a photographer this past week. I’ve shot in some amazing locations with a fabulous team. The vast majority of my pictures are either embargoed pending a forthcoming competition or still unprocessed but I’m just itching to show you a taster. Something for the weekend.

My first frame on the Fuji X100 taken in colour. OMG this little camera loves colour too.

I used secret locations scouted out using Google Earth and a bit of local hear say.

The Fuji X100 is excellent for figure in the landscape shots. It was after I took this frame that the models assistant said to me "That little camera takes good prictures" She is not wrong of course but a comment like that can be a bit deflating. I like to think I play a part in the process too ;)

On an Urban Portraits workshop I pulled the little Fuji from my bag to capture this colour frame of Jojo from across the street. I've never looked up at this spot before.

Green glass is a lure for me. The super 12 megapixel sensor of the Fuji delivers enough resolution to allow me to leave space around the subject giving pictures a chance to breathe.

The last frame on my Urban Portraits session was this gritty monochrome shot on the X100. The tonal range of this image looks fabulous on print too.

This last sneak peak shot of Jojo from my Urban Portraits session is a simple portrait in the upstairs bar of my lunch stop venue. A perfect X100 location where light is at a premium and shadows are deep.

Please feel free to comment or ask me questions about the pictures or my new friend, the Fuji X100.


  1. James

    Just FYI the whole hotshoe thing messed me up too, at first I thought my wireless triggers simply wouldn’t work with the X100. Finally I found a buried menu setting to “enable external flash”, I find this odd actually, why not just have it on all the time. Anyway I’m assuming you probably figured it out on your own but I thought I’d mention it for other readers. Oh and by the way, thanks to the leaf shutter design I can get 1/1000s sync even with my cheap yongnuo PT105 triggers!

    • damien

      Hi James,

      I think the external flash function forces the camera not to choose a shutter speed below 1/60th in auto modes and live view becomes less useful too.

      I’m glad you found it.



  2. Nick

    Great shots Damien – what Fuji X100 camera settings did you use for the last frame of the Urban Portraits session? thanks Nick

    • damien

      Hi Nick,

      I used aperture priority, auto ISO with min shutter speed set to 1/80th, max ISO set to 3200 and I set my lens to f/2. The camera did the rest and I’ve no idea what it chose.

      It was that simple. No faffing with settings once it is all set up.

      Cheers, Damien.

  3. actor headshots

    Wow! the first photo is very cool and very natural color.. I love the style of your shots, very professional.. Love it!

  4. david cooke

    Damien you seem to have fallen in love with this little devil, would you use it at a wedding or indeed on any pro shoot as your main camera or is it just a sideline.

    • damien

      Hi David.

      No is my answer because I like to use the right camera for the right job. DSLR is ideal for weddings, medium format for fashion and the Fuji for street, cafe or candid photography. I’m just using it to supliment my DSLR kit in most instances as I’m liking it’s versatility and I am learning it’s characteristics. I will be using the X100 for art projects and personal work as well as continuous light portraiture in conjunction with my Canon 5Dmk2 with it’s 100mm lens.

      I hope this helps, Damien.

  5. damien

    Hi Nigel,

    I’ve not used flash yet. I tried in the studio but failed. I expect the hot shoe is disabled when the supress flash function is active. I didn’t have time to suss it out but I will someday soon.

    The camera is next to me as I type and it makes me smile as I look at it. Power in a beautiful package.

    Cheers, Damien.

  6. damien

    Thanks Murray,

    I’m using the camera on Fuji Velvia setting. I shot RAWs and Jpegs together and I cant get the RAWs to come close to the in camera produced jpegs. For colour work I will just be using jpeg.

    Regards, Damien.

    PS: Your advice and pictures were invaluable to me when choosing this camera. Thank you!

  7. damien

    Thanks Boundless,

    I’ll be adding more workshop dates on Monday or Tuesday. The Into The Light event is likely to sell out the quickest so keep your eyes peeled.

    Cheers, Damien.

  8. nigel


    Some great post regarding the X100, I have just taken the plunge and awaiting delivery of the little chap.

    Purchased the camera to get back to a lighter and simpler way of shooting. Have been reading about the camera for some time and the image quality, so it will be great when it finally arrives and I can start to use the little chap.

    One question I have…… have you been using the camera with any OCF, if so have you been using dedicated fuji flashes or have you been using you run of the mill units, Nikon and Canon, if so what means of triggering have you been using.

    I have several SB800 and a yuonguo Trigger that I used with the D700 and I have been reading of people that have been using the same gear with the X100.

    Wondering if you have tried anything like that yet.



  9. Murray

    One of the characteristics of Fuji film was how well they handled green, this has transferred beautifully to the brilliant X100. Which settings are you using?

    As ever superb images.

  10. Boundless Photos

    Super photos Damien, really makes me want an X100 even more though!

    Looking forward to the release of some more course dates soon, I want my shooting colleague to do one of the courses I have already done.



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