Evolve 3 get together ~ Pictures and techniques

Oct 23, 2011 | Location, News, Wedding | 14 comments

1. Lit with an Elinchrom Quadra from about 5m to the right of Rebecca.

Most of you will know that I run a photographer development programme that lasts for one year called Evolve. And from time to time throughout the year we get together for a social and a shoot. Here are twenty or so pictures from our last meeting at Hogarths Hotel near Solihull, a few weeks ago.

2. A simple set up lit with a Quadra in a Lastolite Ezybox.

3. I love exploring different viewpoints.

4. Andrew is a film star in the making lit with dappled sunlight.

5. A single Quadra head provided the light on Rebecca.

6. Andrew amongst sun lit foliage.

7. Rebecca on the forest floor. I love the rhythm of the leaves with the details on her dress.

8. A little bit of sunlight changes everything. Beauty to behold.

9. A three course lunch beckoned and I couldn't resist a quick shot of Rebbecca behind the curtain in the dining room.

10. I lit this shot of Andrew with a £40 LED torch from 7 Day Shop.com and he looks fabulous.

11. A bit of dangle makes this a winning shot.

12. A bit of virtual African savanna beckoned us over the fence in Solihull.

13. The landscape changed outside the Hogarth's boundaries and we made the most of it.

14. Sunlit savanna Solihull style.

15. We stumbled upon a fabulous location on out trek across country.

16. A dramatic light and a splash of deliberate flair made this shot.

17. This location called for some couple shots.


19. Simple emotional contact makes this shot.

20. I shot a connected portrait of Andrew too.

21. A simple bride portrait to finish this set.

@cthorntonphoto : Great work. Faves are 11 and 16. I love that you put the lighting set ups on there.

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  1. Helen

    Can you link to the actual torch used,there are a few around the price.If it works as well as the image shows then may be worth a look for an occasional use.

    • damien

      Hi Helen,

      It was this one. I added a home made diffusion gel though.

  2. David Causon

    Got a few weddings there next year. Nice place, nice to see different type of photos than what the typical photographers take.

    • damien

      Thanks David. I find it’s all about opening my eyes and avoiding the obvious. But there again the obvious can be perfect if it’s done very well.

      Cheers, Damien.

  3. Andrew Cresswell

    Shots 1 & 15 are stunning. I have found a building like 15 near me, planning a shoot soon, these shots have made me even more keen to arrange it. Inspirational as always Damien.

    • damien

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you. I hope your shoot went well. It’s worth getting exterior shoots in the can befofe the damp cold weather sets in. I love crisp winter sun but only for two hours at a time. Best regards, Damien.

  4. david cooke

    The quadra certainly seems like the light of the moment Damien, I am torn between that and the lupos.

    Some gorgeous shots in this series.

    • damien

      Hi David,

      The Lupos are for interiors and the studio. The Quadra can go anywhere. Quadra can deliver soft light in quantity using any Rotalux softbox or a Lastolite Ezybox. The Lupo is perfect for recreating sunlight inside or classic lighting styles. Get one of each – Haha.

      Thanks for your kind words as always. Damien.

  5. James

    Excellent stuff as usual, really like the black and white couples portraits in the abandoned building. Fantastic texture… :)

    • damien

      Thanks James.

  6. Tom Q

    A big fan of numbers 15,16,17 and 18. That building was a great find…

    • damien

      Thanks Tom, That building is not much more than a crumbling shack but so exciting to shoot in.

      Cheers, Damien.

  7. Mark Dell

    Stunning images Damien !

    Cant wait to get my hands on some of those lights!
    Also its my 50th next year and a Fuji X100 may be on the cards!

    • damien

      Enjoy your 50th pressie. Thanks for your kind words, Damien.


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