Ultimate accolade award from the Guild of Photographers

Nov 28, 2011 | News | 30 comments

Wow, I’m honoured and excited to receive this top award from the Guild of Photographers.

A press statement that I’ve just received declares that: The Guild of Photographers has given it’s ultimate accolade, that of ‘Master of the Craft’ to Damien Lovegrove in recognition of his skills and commitment to the art of photography and the training thereof. The award has only been given to 5 other photographers throughout the world! After fifteen years of top flight image making, Damien has become one of the foremost trainers of photography and entrepreneurial business strategies in our industry. A published writer and regular columnist, Damien has travelled the globe sharing his knowledge and expertise and clearly has a contagious enthusiasm for photography and the development of others.”

Thank you The Guild of Photographers this award is greatfully received.


  1. studio tygrrr

    Well done Damien, you throughly deserve this award and recognition.

    • damien

      Thank you tiger :)

  2. damien

    Thank you all for such generous comments. I love my photography and I love sharing the passion and my knowledge with all of you.

    I’m still on the upward slope where I learn more each day. Lets hope it continues that way for a little longer yet.

    Thank you.

  3. Cheryl

    Well deserved, congratulations. I have learned so much from your blog alone .. if I were in the UK, I’d definitely sign up for your workshops.

  4. Trev Wilson

    Congratulations, I’m a qualified member of the Guild, welcome aboard. Not quite “master of the craft” but on the journey :-)

  5. Nick Liburd

    Congratulations! You’ve done and gone so far for your craft, I’m sure you’ve made your family proud. Stay off the Chandeliers!


  6. Sarah Ferrara

    Congratulations Damien, very much deserved. Clap clap clap. Can’t wait to train with you again.

  7. Rob Coldicott

    Congratulations, a fantastic achievement and richly deserved. You are an inspiration to many aspiring photographers.

  8. Simon D

    Congratulations Damien. You’ve always inspired so many people over the years and this is a well deserved achievement. I know you will continue to “evolve” and push the boundaries for many years to come.

  9. John Bishop

    Congratulations Damien on this fantastic recognition of your skill, care and dedication to inform, educate and inspire so many aspiring photographers, including myself, over the years. Your enthusiasm for photography and light is infectious and makes us all eager to learn from your knowledge and expertise. Above all, you create truly beautiful images that we all hope to emulate in our own way and do so with a passion for life. Bravo Damien, richly deserved.

  10. Konfral

    Congratulations Damien! You well deserve it!

  11. Adam Scull

    Congratulations Damien! Well deserved. I bet you’re well chuffed :)

  12. Geoff Reardon

    Couldn’t think of a more fitting photographer for that award, wonderfully deserved. Continue to inspire us please…I know you won’t let us down on that :) All hail Master Lovegrove!

  13. Gordon Lindsay

    richly deserved, well done.


  14. Kevin

    Congratulations Damien! That is a big honour indeed. As a student of yours I can only agree with your “contagious enthusiasm”. Well done!

  15. Jon Allen

    Absolutely agree with all the above comments and the rest to come. I would not have achieved my current level of skills with Damien Lovegrove. the drinks are on you Damien. Long overdue.

  16. John Rose

    congratulations Damien, very well deserved

  17. Radmila Kerl

    All said above. I totally agree. Congrats!

  18. Alex James

    Wow! amazing Damien.

    Well done, thouroughly Deserved!

  19. darren bell

    Totally deserved. Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!

  20. Kim

    Congratulations Damien. Definitely well deserved.


  21. Sean Gannon

    Fantastic Damien. You are always an inspiration and continually progressing. You truly deserve this!

    Enjoy it!


  22. Chris Hanley

    blimey, another reason to open another bottle of bubbles on Sunday. Thoroughly deserved. discerning taste from the guild.

  23. Jonathon Watkins

    Wow, very impressive. Well done Damien and very well deserved!

  24. Mark Dell

    Well done Damien!
    Best award I get is from my wife as a critic :-(

  25. David Mackenzie

    This is one award where people will be able to say that you richly deserved it. Like many other of the people who have attended your courses, you have enriched my photography. Well done Damien.

  26. Sona

    Well deserved! Congratulations! Can’t wait to finally attend one of your workshops to experience you as a trainer on my own;)

  27. Scott Wiggins

    Well done Damien and thoroughly deserved.


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