It’s been a long wait but it’s worth it ~ Iskra Lawrence

Aug 24, 2012 | News, Studio | 6 comments

Hi Prophotonut readers. I’m sorry that you may have felt abandoned for the past month but I’ve been busy. I’ve launched new products in the UK, written a book on the business of wedding photography, I’ve been fortunate to have a family holiday and I’ve done 6 shoots/ workshops. I know it is bad to make excuses but it does make me feel better. The book is now in the design stage and my recent pictures from the shoots, workshops and Santorini all need selecting before adding a splash of Lightroom for good measure.

To ease the wait I thought I’d share a few recent studio lingerie and boudoir shots of the fabulous Iskra Lawrence. These were taken in my studio on a 1:1 training session for a husband and wife team exploring the opportunities for a new boudoir and portrait studio that they are currently building.

01. A simple three light studio shot of Iskra against my grey background.

02. We started with one light shots and how to feather a softbox.

03. A lot of great shots can be achieved with just one flash head.

04. Adding a second softbox changes the looks completely. Control is the key to successful lighting. Getting the light to fall just where you need it is a craft in it's own right.

05. Fabulous body tone brought to life.

06. I love this one too.

07. I taught a simple contrast control system to deliver an image tonal range that is easy to print at high quality and lit the background to add depth to the photograph.

08. Iskra on my Lovecube lit with one big light source.

09. The same light set up as above just shot from a different direction. Notice how I let the highlights go. This contrast is the reality of life and it gives the image a radiance.

10. If your images lack radiance it might be time to rethink your post production rules. I wish histograms were banned at times because science can stifle art.

11. This is a simple to shoot one light shot of Iskra. Her chin shadow reveals both the size of the light source and the lighting contrast in the scene. The lips and skin reveal the type of reflector surface used on the light. Each light modifier has a characteristic that is revealed in the specula reflections and sheen in skin. Some photographers prefer white dishes and fabric soft boxes, others prefer polished silver beauty dishes. This was a satin silver 150cm reflector.

12. This shot is also a favourite of mine. I love Iskra's freckles, the random stray hairs, the natural un retouched beauty and the honesty in this shot. Skin retouching destroys natural beauty and replaces it with fake. I love to keep it real.


Iskra, Vicki, my make up artist, and I are a team that can help you and your team realise your studio’s creative potential. We are available throughout the winter months and are taking bookings from October right now. Call Blaise on 01275 853204 to discuss your needs or ideas or email me at

How many lights would you like to work with in the studio if there was an unlimited stock? I have nine flash heads at my disposal but rarely use more than five.


  1. David Cooke

    Wonderful lighting Damien with a stunning model.

    • damien

      Thanks David :)

  2. David Stubbs

    Well worth the wait! These are incredible! Nothing short or stunning photography. Are these all still taken on your X-pro 1?

    • damien

      Hi David,

      I tend to use my Canon or Nikon in the studio when I’m using flash because the live view and AF on the X-Pro1 doesn’t work well with modelling lights. Thank you for your kind words.

      Best wishes,


  3. Sean Shimmel


    Lots of pizzaz (styling, lighting, posing, composition) without all the pizazz (extreme Photoshop devilry)

    • damien

      Thanks Sean.

      I do try to avoid the devil called Photoshop. It has the habit of destroying the integrity of images.

      Chicago on my mind ;)



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