An all new trailer for my foundation picture enhancement video using Adobe Lightroom 5

Aug 11, 2013 | News | 4 comments

I’ve edited an all new trailer with a new chapter to show you a sample of the content on my latest training video. View it for free here

Click on the picture to watch the new trailer

Click on the picture to watch the new trailer

For a limited time there is a launch price for the video set at just £9.95 inc VAT. and it is available right now as a download from the trailer page. Feel free to ask any questions about the video or its suitability for your needs.


  1. Robert Sail

    One thing that has dramatically speed up my lightroom work flow is to use keyboard shortcuts and special action macros created with an additional keyboard like the logitech G13.

    Its great, you no longer have to move the mouse to click on the correct button, but can start the action by clicking on the correct key on the external keyboard. My wedding post production work has gone from 2 days to 1 day. Saving me so much time.


    • damien

      Thanks Rob,

      That’s great advice. Workflow is an area that I won’t be covering in my advanced video because that is better handled on a 1:1 basis by an expert and everyday user like Marko Nurminen. He can really fine tune a customer workflow without a one size fits all approach.

      Regards, Damien.

  2. Helen

    Hi, I use Aperture. Do you think it would still be useful for me or confusing?

    • damien

      Hi Helen, Thanks for the question. Probably confusing but you can check out my trailer to see for yourself. If you follow the trailer you’ll be fine :)

      Kindest regards,



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