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Oct 21, 2013 | Continuous Lighting, Location, News, Studio | 0 comments


Go back 60 years, to a time before Photoshop, where photography was all about light. That’s what I’ve done with the pictures in my latest galleries. Lovegrove in Hollywood is a collection of my images lit using authentic fresnel lights and processed with minimal intervention except for a bit of dodge and burn. There are many pretenders on the ‘Hollywood Portraits’ trail now but it’s easy to spot the classic lighting style of the past masters. I lit these pictures using spotlights from Arri, Lupolux and Lowel.

If you take a look around the Lovegrove Photography site you will find 10 picture galleries featuring over 800 of my images with many more galleries on the way. There is also a new Prices page detailing my portrait shoot pricing.

The galleries will become split into style and kit orientated sets. So in the kit section there will be galleries of pictures taken with the Fujufilm X-Pro1, the XF 60mm lens, lit with the Lowell iD light and many more. These will then be moved here on the Prophotonut site in due course to keep my personal site client focussed.

Feel free to comment on the galleries, pictures or give me tips on web development. I’m open to suggestions.



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