In the studio with the Fuji X-E2

Nov 26, 2013 | Continuous Lighting, Location, Studio | 33 comments

Client: Lisa Keating Undercover
Makeup: Vicki Waghorn
Additional styling and hospitality: Lizzi Melling
Location: Lovegrove Studio
Photographs: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Miss Amelia


Camera: Fujifilm X-E2, 23mm, 35mm and 60mm lenses all used between f/1.4 and f/2.8
Filters: Tiffen Black Pro Mist ¼ filters on all lenses
Lighting: Lupolux Quadlight and grid, Lupolux LED 1000, Lupolux LED 650 x2
Lighting accessories: Scattergel on the background light.

Here are 25 of my pictures from the shoot together with my camera settings for the X-E2 …


Camera settings for the X-E2:

ISO set to 400 Auto off
1/250th second Shutter Speed and aperture set as required between f/1.4 and f/2.8
Jpeg Fine + Raw (I just worked from the jpegs in Lightroom)
Auto WB
Astia S film simulation (colour pictures delivered to the client)


When I’m working with the Fujifilm X lenses wide open I use manual focus with the one touch focus lock. I adjust the position of the focus zone using the switches on the back of the camera. I use this system because the lenses are flat field design. That is, the edges of the frame focus at a further distance than the centre of the frame for any given lens focus position making the focus reframe method far less accurate. The great news is, that unlike a dSLR, the peripheral focus zones on the Fuji X cameras are very sensitive and completely useable. One problem though is I have yet to find a way of setting the focus area of the X-E2 to a smaller size. It remains a big rectangle. If you know how I can set a smaller focus zone when I’m using MF mode please leave me a comment. I have no problem with the X-Pro1 so I somehow think that this must be a system bug that will be corrected with a firmware upgrade soon. Fujifilm are very good at providing firmware upgrades on a regular basis.


The fabulous corsets are part of a new collection being launched early in 2014. For each designers collection, I shoot a series of stylised studio images plus a set of location images for editorial use and marketing purposes. I then shoot a set of high key product pictures for the online shop. All imagery is delivered in colour and monochrome within a few days and is print or web ready. I work fast and it took just over three hours to capture all of these images. I can shoot a complete collection in a day including close up details and shots from all sides.







Welcome to the carnival. This was a super fun shoot with fellow artists and creatives. If you have a collection that requires a razzmatazz photo shoot to bring it to life contact Blaise or Laura to discuss your needs.




  1. Dietrich

    I’d like to use the xe2 for studio, but I coundn’t use the EVF or the back, cause if you shoot with Iso200/ 1/180 / 16 Aperture the xe2 shows black screen … Is there another idea then using the roomlight? Can I adjust the ELV to show something? Thanx!

    • Damien

      Hi Dietrich, There is a menu for that. One of the spanner menus has ‘preview exposure in manual mode. Switch it to off when using flash. :)

      I’m glad to be of help,


  2. George

    Thanks Damien

  3. George

    Hi Damier
    Great shots as always

    I have the XE 2 on Studio
    when you are shooting on studio lets say 125/ F11 how you can see on the viewfinder is to dark how can
    manage that ?

    Thanks George

    • Damien

      Hi George, The screen would be too dark with the wrong camera settings. Read my post on how to set the camera up for studio shooting with flash by following this link. It’s to do with the exposure preview in manual feature.

      Thanks Damien :)

  4. Robin Savage

    It does indeed Damien, many thanks. I’ve been bringing it out on a few jobs this week and I absolutely love it. Such a great camera so thanks again for all the advice.

    • Damien

      Cheers, Robin :)

  5. Robin Savage

    Hi Damien,

    Great pics. I picked up my X-E2 a couple of days ago (after tweeting you) and love it. Having great fun with it.

    Do you know how to get the images straight out of camera at 300dpi? They all seem to be coming out at 72dpi at the mo.



    • Damien

      Hi Robin, Thanks for the compliments and I’m glad you are having fun with your new X-E2. DPI is irrelevant. The pixel count is what matters. A full res file is the same whatever DPI is assigned. I hope this helps.

  6. Rick

    Damien, these images are just stunning. I will be switching systems in December from all Nikon pro gear (D3,D4, & pro glass) to a Fuji system. I am curious about your lighting. Did you use all continuous lights, as I thought I saw a 1/250th shutter speed? I am hopping that Fuji will improve flash sync in the X-Pro2 or next version.

    I am looking at Dracast led light panels to slowly replace some of my studio strobes. I don’t think Dracast is available in the UK though.

    I love your work. Your blog posts are an inspiration.

    Thanks much,

    • Damien

      Hi Rick, Thank you for your kind words. I use and recommend Lupolux continuous lights. I used the LED daylight balanced spotlights and the Quadlight that uses folded fluorescent technology. All the Lupolux lights are available here.

  7. Didit Mehta Pariadi

    always amazed with your ‘opposite lighting’ style… and the eye for details… just got my X-E2 since the ‘provocating’ workshop in Jakarta…

  8. Christopher Frost

    New camera Damien? Lovely shots & great lighting as ever

    • Damien Lovegrove

      Thank you Christopher :) Yes an X-E2 it has exposure preview in Manual mode and this really adds to the studio experience with continuous lighting :)

    • Damien Lovegrove

      Thank you Marie. Corsets make magic happen and my continuous lights complete the picture :)

  9. Ade Jones

    Lovely stuff Damien – looks a real fun shoot

    • Damien Lovegrove

      It was a great session. I love the girl’s banter. One of life’s pleasures for me. :)

  10. Rob Wheatman

    Roll on Bristol, December 4th!! Great stuff Damien.

  11. Matt

    Hi Damien.

    Great and inspiring shots, as usual.

    FYI, the free Adobe Lightroom 5.3 release candidate works well and accepts XE2 RAW files.

    Best regards

    • Damien

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the compliments. The release candidate is great but the colour profile is shocking with magenta contouring in the shadows so I am waiting on Adobe to sort out a decent camera profile for the X-E2 before converting my RAWs. Someone on one of the forums has managed to retag the excellent X100s profile and get Lightroom to use that one with their X-E2 files with great success but I’m not techie enough to be able to do it.



  12. Andrei

    It doesn’t work becouse, in manual mode, the rectangle is not the focusing square, but rather the area which will be magnified for manual focusing assistance. Maybe (???) if you previously had a smaller focus area in autofocusing mode, it will rest the same when you switch to manual – no idea of how to check if this works.

    • Damien

      Hi Andrei,

      Thanks for this. I know what you mean but on the X-Pro 1 the focus area in manual mode can be reduced in size. The only snag with the X-Pro1 is there is no visual focuc lock indication so I have to have my operational volume on it’s quietest setting to get a beep. I’d love a green highlight and or a green dot in the viewfinder. This will no doubt come in the next firmware announced recently.
      Exciting times. Damien :)

  13. Mark Betts

    I may be wrong but I am sure changing the size of the focus square does not even work with the x pro1 in manual focus mode.

    Damien I would be delighted if I am wrong and you could let me know how as its bugging me with my x pro1

    Thank You

    Great images a usual by the way :)

    • Damien

      Hi Mark,

      My X-Pro1 is in Africa at the moment, so I can’t check for definite. I’m pretty sure I have a small rectangle set in MF mode but it doesn’t go green when the focus locks. I have the operational volume turned on and down to minimum level so I can get a bleep to tell me all is okay.

      Cheers, Damien.

  14. John Barclay

    OOPS… my bad. It does not work in Manual mode. Hummm….

  15. John Barclay

    Use the dial next to the Q button to change the size of the focus square.


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