1940’s Ava ~ with Jess Sage

Apr 21, 2014 | Continuous Lighting, Location | 6 comments

These 12 pictures are part of a creative photoshoot event hosted by stylist Sue Fyfe Williams at Clifton Hill House in Bristol. My role at the shoot was to lead the photography team and be on hand to light each scene.


I broke up the light from the Lupolux LED 100 on full flood by shining it through a plastic palm tree that I had bought online last year. I’ve attached my palm tree to a lighting stand for ease of positioning.

Model – Jess Sage
Gown – Pearl Bespoke
Hat – Ani Stafford-Townsend – UK Milliners Guild
Hair Stylist – Lukas Szejka
MUA – Red Roots
Styling – Sue Fyfe-Williams (Stylist SFW)
Lighting kit: One Lupolux LED 1000 spotlight and a plastic palm tree
Camera: Fuji X-T1 with 23mm, 35mm and 56mm lenses





And finally…


This last frame entitled ‘Driving in my Car’ was a tableau I set up of our models from the shoot in a vintage Austin 12 car. This shot was an instant hit on social media networks last week. Models from left to right: Jess Sage, Roseanne Barrett, Claire Rammelkamp and Mina Renoir.

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  1. Eddie

    Hi Damien the large image of the model looking through the car window is absolutely stunning, it’s one of my favourites

    • Damien

      Thanks Eddie :)

  2. Kevin Farley

    Great set Damien, love all the car shots you’re definitely on to something here, hope to see more!

    • Damien

      Cheers Kevin, I wasn’t expecting the car shots to be the hit but that’s why feedback is so valuable.

      Damien. :)

  3. Lee Meek

    Great shots Damien, especially the last one in the car… The models have such beauty.. now, must buy a Fuji X-T1 :D

    • Damien

      Haha, thanks for your kind comment Lee. I thought you already had an X-T1. Have a word with Kevin Mullins about the X-T1, he’s a documentalist too :) What’s stopping you lad? That car shot is in demand as a print.


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