A portrait and boudoir adventure in Sweden with the Fuji X-T1

May 19, 2014 | Continuous Lighting, Flash, Location | 4 comments

Lovegrove in Sweden 02

Here are 50 or so shots from my recent trip to Sweden. It rained the whole time I was there but that didn’t stop us creating some funky shots. I concentrated on refining my figure in the landscape and full length portraits throughout the three days. Enjoy

Lovegrove in Sweden 01

I’ve been working on some presets for Lightroom hence the changes in looks throughout this set. I’ll make my presets available on here just as soon as I’ve finalised them.

These shots are from the first workshop called ‘The Light‘ it is set in an old mill. It was just 8ºC inside so the girls did well to endure the cold. Many thanks to them.

Location: Vrångsholmen, Tanumshede
Models: Alice Kristiansen, Linn Olsson and Agnes Olsson
Hair: Therese Andersson
Make up: Amanda Andersson
Catering: Maria Allebring
Facilities Coordinator: Benny Ottosson

Lovegrove in Sweden 03

I used the Fujifilm X-T1 with the 14mm and 23mm lenses for the wide shots and the 35mm and 56mm prime lenses for the tighter stuff. It’s a lot of fun composing with lines and forcing the perspective in the wide shots. But you have to be brave. It’s just so easy to use a long tele zoom for everything but then so much of the ‘story’ becomes lost.

Lovegrove in Sweden 04

Lighting was by the Lupolux LED 650 with a Scattergel. My lenses had Tiffen Black Pro Mist diffusion 1/4 filters.

Lovegrove in Sweden 05

Lovegrove in Sweden 06

Lovegrove in Sweden 07

Day two was a boudoir workshop at a waterfront hotel in a quaint fishing village.

Location: Grebys Fisk & Skaldjursrestaurang, Grebbestad
Models: Sanja Lilli Gohlke, Therese Palm and Elin Johansson
Hair: Therese Andersson
Make up: Amanda Andersson
Facilities Coordinator: Benny Ottosson

Lovegrove in Sweden 08

Lovegrove in Sweden 09

Lovegrove in Sweden 10

Lovegrove in Sweden 11

I showed the delegates how to make Hollywood style portraits with a pair of Lupolux LED 650 spotlights.

Lovegrove in Sweden 12

Lovegrove in Sweden 13

Lovegrove in Sweden 14

Day three was a self indulgent creative shoot for Benny Ottosson and I. We went back in time to an authentic 1950s American Diner imported by it’s owner from Boston.

Location: Nellies Place
Models: Lisette Karlsson and Linn Lovisa with her classic car
Lisettes Hair: Therese Andersson
Lisettes Make up: Amanda Andersson

Lovegrove in Sweden 16

Lovegrove in Sweden 15

Lovegrove in Sweden 17

Lovegrove in Sweden 18

Lovegrove in Sweden 19

We then moved on with Lisette to an abandoned farm house and outbuildings I had spotted near the side of the road. Lisette’s dog ‘Little Elliot’ came for the ride and ended up co starring.

Lovegrove in Sweden 20

Lovegrove in Sweden 21

Lovegrove in Sweden 22

All in all despite the rain and cold a great time was had by everyone. I must thank Benny and his wife Pia for putting up with me for the three days that I’ll never forget.

In my next blog I’ll head to The Hague (Den Haag) in Holland for an amazing three days of sleek city hotel boudoir and street fashion portraits. In the meantime please feel free to comment on these pictures or ask questions in the area below :)



  1. Paul Jones

    Wow, Damien, another terrific update!

    I think the cross-processed treatment really works. The American Diner set is brilliant.


    • Damien

      Thanks Paul.

      It was certainly something fun to shoot and to post produce with ‘looks’. Expect a few different posts from me in the coming weeks.

      Kind regards,


    • Damien

      Many thanks Rafiur :)


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