Boudoir in Rotterdam ~ Rosalinde Kikstra

Aug 18, 2015 | Continuous Lighting, Location | 16 comments


01. If a room has a plain wall it can be used as a mini studio. For this striking shot of Rosalinde I closed the curtains and put a Scattergel on a Lupo 650 spotlight. I used the one light to light Rosalinde, the wall and the floor. It’s rare for me to use side lighting for eye contact pictures but it adds a tension to this shot and I like that.

In this post I share 27 shots from the recent workshop I ran at the fabulous Pincoffs Suite Hotel on the waterfront in Rotterdam. Enjoy..

Model: Rosalinde Kikstra
Location: The Romantic Suite at Pincoffs Suite Hotel in Rotterdam
Lighting: Lupo 1000 and Lupo 650 spotlights
Camera Fuji X-T10, 16mm, 23mm, 35mm, 56mm and 90mm lenses


02.A single Lupo adds a certain style to any interior shoot in a way that is quite unique.

We started the session over coffee in the fabulous hotel bar area where we discussed strategies for lighting and shooting. We did a kit check and went up to the sumptuous suite where we were shooting. I like to start boudoir workshops in this informal way so that everyone can get to feel comfortable and get to know each other.


03. At one point in the shoot I noticed sunlight breaking through a gap in the curtains. We opened them but kept the light diffusing ones in place. This created the pattern we worked with.

We mixed colour temperatures, shot high key and low key, and explored the different shooting strategies needed to create a style.


04. This shot in the bathroom was lit with the Lupo 650 dual colour. I show how this light works in this video.


05. I decided we needed a bit of drama in the shoot so I set up the shower head , aimed it into the bath and passed it to Rosalinde. This was taken on the 16mm prime lens on the Fuji X-T10.


06. I most notable boudoir style has been softer and I showed how to light this style to make it look natural.


07. The shot on the right was lit to look like sunlight coming through the windows.


08. I used a Tiffen Black Pro Mist filter at ¼ strength on these shots to scatter some of the natural highlights.


09. The shots at the bottom were lit with two Lupos. The shot at the top was lit with one Lupo. We worked with the curtains closed for some of the shoot to give a more authentic evening feel.


10. Every now and then I put a Lupo in the shot.


11. I loved these shells on a string. The seemed so delicate and pearlescent. I used the Lupo 1000 powered by this battery kit to light these.


12. A few more striking shots of Rosalinde


13. This is as low key as it gets.  I’ve bumped the contrast up in Lightroom but there are many more processing look options.

At the time of writing there are still a couple of places on my boudoir workshop next month in Copenhagen. All the details for that event are on this page.

Feel free to comment on these pictures below :)


  1. Peter Majdan

    Stunning set of images! great work

    • Damien

      Thank you Peter :)

  2. Hans Dethmers

    Hello Damien, I enjoyed your workshop in Rotterdam a lot. Funny to see that I was able that day to make nearly the same quality of photo’s as you did. I listened good to your advice that it is at certain moment more important to invest in good light as in just another lens. I ordered the Lupo dual light 1000 watt with battery kit because they give an astounding light effect. The only thing I have to confess is that transport costs to Europe are relatively high (more than 100 euro’s) and delivery time is long (one to two months). But that can’t avoid that I am glad to receive them.

    • Damien

      Hi Hans,

      I’m sorry for the delay in shipping. The factory is in full production fulfilling orders and we expect the new units to us one month late due to unforeseen circumstances. The Light will be worth the wait. We will only charge you exactly the shipping fee we are charged so I hope it is less than our estimate.

      Kindest regards, and thank you once again.


  3. Fjodor Gold

    I wish i knew this earlier, since i’ve been hoping you came to Rotterdam once… And now i missed it :(

  4. Lovegrove

    Thank you both for the compliments. I have a couple of places on boudoir in Copenhagen next month. Alternatively what city would suit you both?

  5. Chris Ansell

    Maybe we should book on a course…

  6. Chris Ansell

    I saw this, as always stunning images.

  7. Tracy Edwards

    Fabulous…but that’s no surprise ;-)

  8. Charlotte Bellamy

    Do you come over here to do training Damien? I live over in holland now so I’d love to know if you ever are.

    • Lovegrove

      Yes, This workshop was in Holland. This year I was in Rotterdam, last year I was in The Hague, previously I’ve been in Amsterdam etc. All the info on my up and coming workshops gets emailed to those that have signed up to our newsletter plus I advertise the events closer to the time on Facebook. Check out I hope this helps :)

    • Charlotte Bellamy

      Thanks. I will sign up to get tge newsletter so I don’t miss you next time.

    • Lovegrove

      I’m in Antwerp very soon at a company called Hotz. I’ll be teaching studio lighting. It might not be too far from you. Tuesday 13th or Wednesday 14th October. Not too long now. I’ll have Rosalinde with me in the studio :)

  9. Andrea Knapp

    The 3 images in her t-shirt are just FANTASTIC!


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