Studio session at Hotz in Belgium ~ Fuji X-Pro2

Apr 14, 2016 | Continuous Lighting, Flash, Fujifilm X, Studio | 6 comments

Client: VZW Studio An organisation for professional photographers in Belgium.
Model: Rosalinde Kikstra
Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 35mm, 56mm and 90mm primes. I tethered the Fuji to an HD projector using the micro HDMI port on the camera into a 20m lead and it worked perfectly for the seated audience of 30 professional photographers in the Hotz studio.


01. The stool was my only prop and the white cove my only background. At one point I used a black curtain but I lit it to be shades of grey.


02. I started the session with a single flash head fitted with a 70cm beauty dish and grid. I showed how to light the subject and background with just one light. I varied the background tone to change it’s density with careful light positioning.


03. Here I used a striplight softbox and a spot of light on the background too. The shot on the right is the same frame but given a different look in post production.


04. Top: I showed how to use and light black curtains as a background. When I want a deep midnight blue in a studio I stretch a black cyclorama cloth and light it with a gelled light. Bottom: Three point portrait lighting and a subtle spot on the background. The variation of the same shot on the right is an Acros conversion with a slight shadows dip. The vignetting on the background is done with the lighting.


05. Two upstage striplights on Rosalinde give these shots a fab look.

Rosalinde Kikstra by Damien Lovegrove

06. In the afternoon I gave a live Lightroom demonstration showing how the camera profile changes the look. I also showed how unlock the power of curves to make interesting presets (top and left). Bottom right: A white balance shift was all I used to create this cool look.


07. We explored mixing flash and Lupo daylight balanced continuous lights in the same shot and I also mixed modelling light with Lupos too (bottom right).

If you would like me to run a studio portrait lighting demonstration for your photography group contact Laura for more information, options and prices. I’d like to thank the fabulous team at the Paul Hotz studio for their help and support throughout the day.


  1. Jason

    Hello, what transmitters & receivers would you recommend for studio lighting that works best on the x pro 2

    • Damien

      Hi Jason,

      Get the ones supplied by the studio light manufacturer because you can remotely change the light output from the camera.

      I hope this helps,


      • Jason

        That was quick, I tend to hire different studios but thank you,

        • Damien

          Each studio will have their own triggers. I’ve never found a studio without triggers. It would be like hiring s camera without a battery. I never take triggers to studios when I hire them. You’ll be fine.

  2. James

    Stunning shots…Amazing use of light! You achieve stunning results with just one light…

    • Damien

      Thank you James for your kind results :) Damien.


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