Zoi Morgan by Damien Lovegrove

Dec 27, 2017 | Continuous Lighting, GFX, Location | 0 comments

Shoot: A boudoir shoot ahead of the Prague workshops in Jan 2018 (full workshop details are here)
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Zoi Morgan
Make up and hair: Zoi Morgan
Styling: Damien Lovegrove
Location: A restored manor house in Gloucestershire
Lighting kit: Lupo 2000 fresnel spotlight, a Venetian blind and a Scattergel
Camera kit: Fujifilm GFX50s, GF 32-64mm zoom lens, GF 110mm prime lens, Novo T20 tripod

Zoi Morgan in the boudoir

01. Punchy pictures by night and by day taken moments apart in our session before lunch. It was sunny so it took some effort to get the desired tonal control.

For several years now Zoi has been on Blaise’s radar. Blaise, (My PA and model booker) and Zoi have been scheming a shoot for most of the year and one opportunity arose in December before Zoi flew back to Holland. Blaise wanted to see if Zoi would be the right choice for some of my European adventures and I wanted to put some lighting practice in with the Lupo 2000 spotlight. The pictures from this shoot will go in my next books ‘Tutu’ and ‘Lovegrove Nudes’.

NSFW from here…

Zoi lying naked on the bed

02. The Lupo 2000 spotlight shone through a portable Venetian blind that I use on location.


Zoi naked on a bed

03. Zoi Morgan into the light


Zoi Morgan under a gossamer veil

04. Zoi undercover


05. Zoi is every bit the Hollywood star in this shot lit with a single Lupo 2000 spotlight


Zoi Morgan undressing

06. Preparing for the tutu shoot session


Zoi Morgan lying on the floor in a tutu

07. Tutu


08. At the bathroom mirror

I am running a nudes workshop in Prague on the 10th January 2018 and at the time of writing there are still a few places left. Details are here. I’ll also be running a boudoir workshop at the same venue the day before. Details of that event are here. Combine the two and have a wonderful experience mastering the use of beautiful hard light and creating magical portraits.



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