BTS documentary of a Lovegrove Wedding

Aug 1, 2018 | Continuous Lighting, Flash, Infrared, Wedding | 14 comments

Ten years ago Julie and I photographed Andy and Janey’s wedding. We’d never met them before our pre wedding meeting. As you will see rapport and genuine friendships were an important part of our wedding shooting process. The second half of the video is very dated as I use Photoshop in my post production. I haven’t used Photoshop in that way since 2010.

Back in 2008 ‘letterboxed’ standard definition was the in thing on the run up to high definition. This was first released on DVD and was available as a downloadable product from 2013 until 2016.

This is the complete production. Enjoy (or cringe, as you see fit).

Julie and I retired from shooting weddings in 2010 and I went from Canon/Nikon to Fujifilm at that time too.


  1. Den

    I remember watching this way back in the day; Times have certainly changed. I don’t feel like many wedding photographers shoot with the album in mind these days / shoot with flash in one hand camera in the other / dress so smartly / think to sign the album…. above all, this video is a reminder how important it is to remember to be human and not a shadow attached to a camera. People always remember how you make them feel, long after they forget what was said. The relationship is the deal.

  2. Damien

    Wow, thank you Den for those kind words. Those were wonderful days indeed :)

    Kindest regards,


  3. Jon Allen

    Wow, Damien, your wedding video became my bible and it taught me ( as a newbie) how to photograph a wedding, strangely enough I always felt intimidated by the background music, and after going through the video again it affects me still. At that time I feel that the way you both photographed a wedding and interacted with your clients set a new benchmark for wedding photography which influenced many. OK, the wedding photography business has moved on and I’m not sure in the right direct. I still have my cherished Damien Lovegrove collection of dvd’s and they remind me how I thought wedding photography was a huge mountain that I had to climb and after all this time some eight years or so, I’m still climbing. Strange to see you with that Canon and that mono pod, also I just noticed that Julie was using a sigma lens.

  4. Damien

    Hi Jon,

    Ah yes that music :)) I never had to watch the video so it didn’t bother me. Thank you for the compliments.

    As you say, things have changed a bit now in the wedding industry. The process of climbing, as you put it, never ends. If it ever did, so too would the desire and energy. That Sigma lens is the 90mm macro f/2.8. It’s perfect for the details and was sharper than the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 we had before it. Apart from the 90mm prime the other lenses we were using were all f/2.8 zooms.

    I’m all tripod only these days shooting medium format again. I like to mix it up a bit to keep me on my toes.

    Keep on climbing and having fun.

    Kindest regards,


  5. Roger

    Hi Damien, everything in this video is still very relevant today, if not more so…not least the easy rapport that you and Julie have with the couple and the guests. Your absolute dedication and sheer professionalism shines through. OK, if you were still in the wedding business you might do things slightly differently today, but no doubt with appropriately stunning results and 100% satisfied clients. Thanks for posting the whole video. It did not make me cringe…but I do cringe when I see the work of some photographers who say they “do weddings!”

  6. Donald Harrington

    Damien and Julie, Thank you so much for sharing this wedding documentary. I watched it several times. I have shot weddings, watched several other photogs do wedding on creative live. You two are so smooth , relaxed and work in such concert together.
    Really great to see. Again thank you both very much. Sincerely, Donald

  7. Damien

    Thank you Roger for taking the time to feedback so wonderfully. I’m glad you enjoyed the production.

    Kindest regards,


  8. Damien

    Thank you Donald for those sincere words of praise. Julie and I had not attended a wedding that another pro was shooting before we started our business. We hadn’t even carried bags or assisted anyone. This was important to us so we could plan how we wanted to integrate photography with the happenings on the wedding day without influence. The starting from scratch approach was spot on for us and our clients.

    Kindest regards, Damien.

  9. Gavin.J.Cotton

    Greetings Damien

    I discovered this video by accident, and totally glad that I did…..Brilliant viewing.
    I got into digital photography around the time you made this in 2008, and have been steadily growing in skill since.
    I started to photograph weddings on a part-time basis about four years ago for friends and family, and steadily began to grow that side of my photography to a wider audience.
    The entire concept of weddings was really daunting at first, as I found not only the photography had to be bang on, but so did my people skills. To say I found it a little intimidating to begin with, doesn’t truly express how I really felt.
    I have a gregarious personality and a ‘get stuck’ mentality, and soon discovered, I was communicating with people comfortably, and in some cases (I felt) a little bossy with people. I found that striving to get the best possible picture for my client, meant sometimes, having to shepherd people around and constantly arrange, and rearrange things, and to be honest, something I felt may have put people off, because I’m always sensitive to how people may react.
    I have often found many wedding/photo tutorials to be a little bland, and not that realistic of what takes place, as they tend to focus on just the photos and gear (which is not entirely wrong, but it cannot always give you a true representation on what/needs to take place).
    Then bingo, your video was viewed and this ‘fly on the wall’ of you at work at a wedding, is just superb. I instantly related to the hustle and bustle of the big day, and how hands on you are with directing folk around, all with the intention of obtaining the exacting photo you want.
    I understand that your practice has changed a lot, but the fundamentals are still there today for a wedding shoot, and I totally understood your video instantly, which, in turn has inflated my confidence, with regards to my approach.
    So thanks so much for your efforts, and for still displaying something that you did 10 years ago, which is still utterly relevant by the way. It just goes to show the professionalism you apply and just how timeless it really is.
    Your editing style is helpful too, as is the use of flash.
    I currently use dSLR’s and have just applied a Fuji X100F into the mix for a different challenge.
    So thank you again for the inspiration, and for this medium to show my appreciation for all of your fantastic photographic/tutorial work.

    Kind regards


  10. Damien

    Wow, thank you Gavin. Your kind words lifted me today.

    Kindest regards,


  11. alex lowry

    Hi there just watched this video fantastic a lot of really great information, right at the end of the editing section of the video you mention that you pass the edited images onto marco your picture editor, and you mention he takes then onto the next level what is this next level? and is there any video of what he does to them.

  12. Damien

    Hi Alex, Thank you for the compliments. The ‘next level’ is to make the pictures look fabulous. I’ve not shot a post production video for Marko’s techniques because he still has many clients and I don’t want to share his secrets.
    Kindest regards,


  13. Sankha Roy

    Awesome documentation. I haven’t anything like this before. Love the way you presented the behind the scene clips.

  14. Damien

    Thank you Sankha :)

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