Industrial Power ~ A workshop in Belgium

Oct 15, 2020 | Flash, GFX, Location, Travel | 2 comments

Event: A workshop in conjunction with Piet Van Den Eynde
Models: Kate Ri and Jolien
Photographer: Damien Lovegrove
Location: Belgium

Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s, GF23-64mm and GF110mm lenses, Novo tripod
Lights: Godox AD200 flash with Scatterflash modifier
Smoke: Scotty 2 smoke machine

Jolien sits on a machine in this industrial age workshop
Kate Ri in the steamy workshop

I’ve been working with LUTs for a while now in Lightroom. I always archive my shots in a standard colour form as 16 bit tiffs but here you can see some jpeg outpt with altered looks. The shot of Kate hanging from the chains is lit by a furnace and sunlight.

I love the way that the smoke adds depth to the shot. I was lucky with the sunlight for the shot of Kate bottom right. I used a Scatterflash on all the ‘lit’ shots in this blog post.

Jolien swinging from chains

The workshops went really well and the format was spot on. I’m thinking of running some more workshops at this north Belgian location in 2021 so if you are interested please comment below and I’ll ask Piet to be in touch when he arranges the next sessions. Please comment or ask me questions below and I’ll reply in person.

I used a really simple lighting rig for these shots. Nothing too pricy and kit that is easy to use. I taught how to balance ambient light with flash, retaining shadow and highlight detail yet keeping the pictures punchy. If you like this style then connect with me here and I’ll keep you in the loop of upcoming workshops and tours.


  1. Staf Devriese

    Well, well, well……I’ve been there many times but I never had pictures like this :-( I also used an AD200 but probably with a softbox.
    PS I saw you at a workshop @Piet in Ghent and at a “demonstration” of a Tuscany workshop @ Ivan Deleus. Big fan since then.

    • Damien

      Hi Staf,

      Thank you, for those kind words. It’s a fab location. I tend to shoot the bigger picture and include as much of the environment as I can. I’ll be back there in 2021 for sure for a workshop with Piet. Maybe I’ll see you virtually on a webinar that I’ll be running with Piet in December. Stay safe and I hope to see you in person at some point soon.

      Kindest regards,



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