One Flash Portraits ~ A ‘how to’ video by Damien Lovegrove

May 29, 2021 | Flash, Location, Travel, Video | 11 comments

In this short yet sweet 10 minute video, I share with you how I create a couple of portraits from scratch using just one flash. I show you how I combine the flash and ambient light, the camera settings that I use, and how I dial it all in. The end result is a bit of magic. Enjoy.

A free video tutorial

Feel free to ask me questions below.

If you want to know more about using off-camera flash I suggest you join me on an Urban Portraits workshop. All the details are here.


  1. Michael Cox

    I have Nissin flashes, which are rectangular heads but probably not as “wide” as the Godox. Will this unit work (with a bit of shimming, perhaps)? Or do I need to somehow add Godox — which means a Godox remote, too?

  2. Jay

    Many thanks Damien .. I particularly liked the combination of corrosion textures in the old machinery and building with the WB manipulation – also slightly otherworldy with the fog .. much appreciation for sharing this and hope you are well .. cheers

  3. Robert Wilson

    Thanks for the tutorial Damien….lovely image !!!

  4. Colin Bate

    Thank you Damien for the email and tutorial … so inspiring. Looking forward to Bristol.

  5. Brad

    What camera and lens were you using for this set up?

      • Brad

        Thank you! I can’t wait to come to Europe and study with you! Cheers!!!

  6. Vince Ellis

    Thank you for the e mail and tutorial… much appreciated.

    As with all your tutorials, there is much to learn from an easy to follow and enthusiastic delivery which provides plenty for creative ideas.

    I particularly liked the info re mixing the gelled flash with the cooled in camera kelvin to give the very special images.

    Again, thank you.

    • Damien

      Thank you Vince :)

      Best regards, Damien

  7. Denis

    Great videos, liking the blue in the background. I must treat myself to a portable smoke machine. 240 volts is never around when you need it!!

    • Damien

      Thanks Denis,

      I use a Scotty 2 smoke machine. Cheers, Damien.


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