Studio Lighting DVD ~ soft launch ~ The trailer

It’s here, after 18 months of hard work, planning and shooting, my definitive video production sharing everything I know about using studio lights to create portraits both in a studio and on location has arrived. Over three hours of finely shot and edited HD video production reveal all my secrets of effortless picture making. The process is everything, and I share with you how you can make it happen.

This video production is the pinnacle of my career to date. Nothing withheld, I show you how to create award winning images with just one light. I go on to show how to take command of a big rig and produce studio images with life, vitality and soul. Enjoy…

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About Damien

Damien Lovegrove learned his trade as a cameraman and lighting director during 14 years at the BBC, working on programmes such as the Clothes Show, Top of the Pops and Casualty. Fifteen years on, Damien has become one of the foremost trainers of photography and entrepreneurial business strategies in our industry. A published writer and regular columnist, Damien has travelled the globe sharing his knowledge and expertise. “Photography fascinates me” declares Damien. "Much of my photography is inspired by a burning enthusiasm within me” explains Damien. “Picking up a camera gives me such a rush that I’m instantly driven to create pictures.”

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13 thoughts on “Studio Lighting DVD ~ soft launch ~ The trailer

  1. Downloaded the whole lot last night. Took about 4 hours. Worth the wait though. Some really great info. Thank you for all the hard work.

    What would be really helpful is if you made the chapter titles and description available as a pdf. As the downloaded files are just numbered it’s impossible to know which one has which lighting setup with out watching it or referring to the individual chapter download page online. Obviously this isn’t a problem if you buy the DVD but it would be really helpful to have it for the down loaders.


  2. Hi Henry,

    This will happen as soon as we can make the PDF. It’s a great idea, sorry I hadn’t arranged it earlier.

    Kindest regards,


  3. Well done Damien! Thank you for your hard work. Quick question. Do you use two different size beauty dishes? and it seems that Elinchrme dosn’t supply a grid for their dishes. What brand is that you are using. Thank you!

  4. Really enjoying the DVD. One questions: is there any difference between the long softbox with the “strip” cover on it and a softbox the same size as the strip. I.e. do you use the strip because you can’t get as narrow a softbox?

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks:) I use the strip covers because I don’t have a dedicated narrow strip softboxes as well. I like my softboxes to be multi tasking. Yes the light quality would be the same as a 135cm x 25cm softboxes.

    I hope this helps,


  6. With regards to the strip softboxes what fitting do you have them mounted on to allow you to turn them through 90 degrees as you do on the DVD? Why did you choose to use it horizontally on the first two shoots on disc one? Fantastic DVDs by the way. Made my Christmas!

  7. Hi Richard,

    All Rotalux soft boxes can rotate to any position without any extra ‘fitting’. I used the strip lights horizontal and below the keylight to provide a wide fill light.

    I hope this helps, Kindest regards,


  8. Thanks for answering the question Damien. Much appreciated you working on a Sunday!! I have the Ranger Quadras with the adapter which must explain my difficulty. Maybe it’s time to invest in some more lights!

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