Model: Zara Watson
Make up and hair: Zara Watson
Corsets: Lisa Keating
Styling: Zara Watson and Damien Lovegrove

28 pictures from our collaborative set…


Camera: Fujifilm X-E2 hand held using 35mm and 60mm lenses
Lighting: Lupolux Quadlight as a key light, Lupolux 650 spotlights as back lights and background light with Scattergel™
Filtration: Tiffen 1/4 Black Pro Mist filter on 35mm lens and Tiffen 1/8th Black Pro Mist filter on the 60mm lens


Zara is a fabulous model to work with and exudes a fun charismatic personality. We’ve been planning to shoot together for sometime and we finally got the chance to make it happen. These pictures are free from Photoshop. I’ve just used a splash of Lighting and a dash of Lightroom to allow Zara’s natural beauty to shine through.







I’m really getting to grips with the tiny Fuji X-E2 now. My shooting settings for continuous and flash use with the X-E2 in the studio are here.

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