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Dec 4, 2008 | Business | 4 comments

I walked into a bookshop in Singapore earlier this year and bought a book of wisdom. Some of the many notable passages are these…

Will anybody give you money to do what you love? It may take a little time to develop a photographic product that people will want to pay for and own. but until that time, you have a hobby not a business.

Ambition is the fuel that can drive life changing events so don’t be afraid to dream big. Just don’t quit the day job until you have some success under your belt. Getting started in any business needs self determination. Remember for every yes you may well have to endure eight to ten no’s.

Success will happen when opportunity and preparation meet.

The last one is really important. Leave nothing to chance. You don’t need luck to be successful. I feel the time is right for us to openly share with you the knowledge and experience that we have amassed over the past 10 years shooting weddings. This knowledge is lovingly captured in our wedding DVDs. We have left nothing out, withheld nothing and laid bare all our modus operandi. If you shoot weddings, or are planning to, get your copy of our DVDs and get you preparation for success well under way.

Just one of the many hundreds of pictures you will see us take on the new DVDs

Just one of the many hundreds of pictures you will see us take on the new DVDs

Please feel free to comment on these words of wisdom. Ask me a question, or leave your favourite phrase for us to share and enjoy.



  1. Pat

    Great quotes Damien and especially relevant in the current economic climate, which seems to effect the lower end of the business the hardest.

    However couples are still getting married but are probably waiting longer before booking. I think we have to keep our nerve and keep on marketing and preparing ourselves for when opportunities do present themselves.

  2. Mark Dell

    Loved that quote Damien!
    I copied it and printed it then put it up on the wall!

  3. Stuart

    I kinda like this one

    Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiam.

    Not all failures I hope ;P

  4. David Tillyer

    “Be sure to share your skills to the next generation of photographers”

    I totally agree. I was shocked when I first entered the mysterious world of professional photographers. So many people were unwilling help others for fear of giving away their ‘big secret’. I’ve been at wedding fairs where people have closed their albums when they see me coming just because I worked for one of their competitors (who annoyingly did the same when they approached). I hope to and intend to help & inspire others in years to come as I learn and get inspiration from others.


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