Marko’s post-production seminar ~ Frankfurt

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Marko is also giving talks at our 'Spectacular' event in Hook and our Italian adventure in Tuscany.

Marko will also be giving talks at our 'Spectacular' event in Hook and on our Italian adventure in Tuscany this October.

After a couple of seminars by Marko and I earlier this year in Munich and Frankfurt, Marko was invited to hold a Lightroom – Photoshop seminar in Rodgau. 25 photographers got together to exchange ideas for the weekend and to experience Marko’s expertise at first hand.  The event was organized by Harald Prion who has formed this very close and dynamic group of photographers from all across Germany. The group has been going for 23 years now, and that itself is just amazing. Most of the current members are new generation with a lot of talent and passion for photography.

The venue - Best Western, Rodgau, Frankfurt

The venue - Best Western, Rodgau, Frankfurt

The day before Marko’s session most photographers met at the studio Reflexion-Das Photoatelier, run by Sheila and Jens Werner. Nearly all stayed in the same hotel and on the next day Marko gave them a masterclass in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

We would like to thank Harald, Sheila and Jens and all the others involved for the great hospitality they extended to Marko and for the smoothly organized event.

Please feel free to comment below on Marko’s workshops, ask questions about his training and the upcoming masterclasses he is giving in Hook on the 22nd June and in Tuscany in October.


  1. Nigel Bayliss

    Wish I could have been there! After reading Damien’s wedding book, which was written I believe before using Lightroom, I wondered if your digital workflow has changed much for a wedding now that you are using Lightroom…and if so in what way?

  2. Petra & Harald Prion

    Thank you Marco! We enjoyed your seminar very much. It was very informativ and entertaining. We learned a lot about Lightroom,Photoshop and how to create an effectiv workflow.Until next time.Petra & Harald.
    P.S. Marco, your german is exellent!

  3. Sheila & Jens

    We also want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    It was a really great experience watching Marko´s work and we try our best to create a better workflow with all the new techniques we learned.

    We hope our pathes will cross again! :-)



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