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Nov 10, 2009 | Location | 16 comments

Nearly a year ago I had a few mad ideas; rent a castle in Tuscany for a week, gather 24 delegates and their families, pull together four leading tutors who are passionate about picture making and set up the project as a non profit making exercise. The results were astonishing and from the feedback we have received it is clear that ‘life changing’ is an adjective that somehow fits the bill.

Right from the start I wanted Trevor and Faye Yerbury to be part of this project. I first met them in 1998 and I was blown away by their sheer talent, elegance and charm. It was such a personal privilege to have them teaching along side me in Tuscany and it is with great pleasure that I share a selection of their pictures with you. All these shots were taken in natural light at the castle using an 85mm f/1.4 lens on a Nikon D700. Faye, an expert photographer in her own right has post produced the pictures with a precision and attention to detail that brings out the true brilliance of their vision.

Italy 09

Italu 16

Italy 01

Italy 03

Italy 04

Italy 05

Italy 06

Italy 07

Italy 08

Italy 10

Italy 11

Italy 12

Italy 13

Italy 14

Italy 15

Italy 17

Italy 20

Wow, there you have it. Please feel free to comment on these pictures or your experiences on this workshop.


  1. Karl Bratby

    great images, great geometrics, lines real and implied. I agree in part with nicks comment but the model in any shoot nude or not should be desired as well as admired. Trevor is a master of his art many try but most fail, what trevor has is great communication skills with his models this is why his images stand out from most.

  2. Crash Taylor

    Awesome images Trevor and Faye!

  3. Pat Bloomfield

    Fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing those with us Damien.

    I went to seminar on glamour and nudes with the Faye and Trevor Yerbury and Damian McGillicuddy last January and it was superb. They all believe in keeping things very simple – Trevor only has one studio flashlight. And I wouldn’t mind betting all these were taken with natural light only!

    I’m sure all your delegates will have been totally inspired after their time with you and the Yerbury’s!

    • damien

      Hi Pat, These were indeed all taken with natural light and an 85mm f/1.4 lens on a Nikon D3. I’ll post Julies pictures from the same session over the weekend.

  4. Nick

    Amazing shots, exquisite work. What I would say is what Nick Giles would say…

    Images of femininity in a way that the viewer ‘Admires’ the model. Not ‘Desires’ the model.

    • damien

      I agree Nick, I’m not keen on boudoir as a genre but I am with nudes shot in this way.

  5. The Earl of Idobrides

    to be amongst so many wonderful people, was an honour, a privelege, and an adventure i’ll remember for the rest of my days … the learning was huge, and the laughter hugerer ! …. “faultless, absolutely faultless” … congratulations to all involved with the organisation – you are the top bananas !!! …. the 2010 adventure ? – BRING IT ON !

    • damien

      Thanks Earl :)

  6. Chris

    @ will, same window as valentina is in on the pt 2 cherish pics, spot the difference :)

  7. Will Pateman Photography

    Always been a fan of Trevor Yerburys work and his wifes…excellent work love the window shot with the autumn leaves..great stuff

    • damien

      I agree Will,

      The window shot is sublime. My favorite too.

  8. Tara Taylor

    Beautiful images. A mad idea that turned out to be a brilliant idea Damien. it was a fab experience and I would love to do it again!

    • damien

      We will do it again, not sure where, not sure when, but I know we’ll do it again some sunny day. Great fun wasn’t it. Damien.

  9. Louise Beattie

    Stunningly and inspirational.

    Are you thinking of doing another workshop along similar lines next year. I will definitely be there if you do, budgeting already….

    • damien

      Hi Louise,

      I think we will have to do one in 2010. I will also be touring Europe starting with Amsterdam and Eindhoven in April.

  10. Ziggy



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