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May 17, 2010 | News | 14 comments

Every now and then there are days my life that trigger significant chains of events. I don’t believe in consequences. Things happen for a reason. I have spent the past 16 years of my life being guided on a meandering path to happiness and fulfillment. The journey has been tough at times and is by no means over. An underlying drive to make things happen has given me the vision needed to succeed. Where does this energy and drive come from? It’s not Weetabix that’s for sure. I possibly have a condition. Strange word – condition, it somehow implies an unfortunate situation that requires treatment. But I can’t believe how happy I am to have it. To be labeled with the same brush as these remarkable people has me feeling quite blessed. The one constant in my life over the past 16 years has been Julie and wow, what a constant, steady as a rock – my rock.


  1. CoventryBob

    After being taught by you at the Lovegrove seminars, listened to you at various events and read the Photonut blog regularly all I can say to you Damien is stay on whatever path you are on because it works damn fine for all us lesser mortals.
    The proof is in the images which always serve to inspire us – my clients are benefitting hugely from your creative and innovative approach to all things portraiture !
    11 out of 10 for all things from the Lovegrove camp..

  2. karl Bratby

    you old Romantic, or maybe not that old.

  3. Martin Gammon

    I have always felt you are unusually self-aware and sensitive and this only reinforces my view.

    The link is to a reading we had at our wedding that completely speaks to me and might to you both as well.

    Best wishes

  4. Julie Lovegrove

    Ah, I’m touched. I’ll have to send Damien away for a week more often if it provokes a declaration like that :) x

  5. Keith

    Hi Damien

    Hmmmm – interesting ‘condition’ Always knew you were a smarties addict.
    Think I’m halfway there myself – definitely got the AD bit : )

    Hope you’re all good

  6. Paul Meldrum

    You have been and still are an inspiration to a generation of photographers, myself included.

    I think I speak for many of us who admire your inspiration, drive, infectious energy and passion, no matter what its root cause is. We all need a rock and like you my wife is mine, who can both keep me grounded and lift me up when required.

  7. Andrew Frost

    So true Damien. It’s what life really is about. To have this, and to appreciate it, now that’s true wealth.

  8. Lee Tuckett

    Great Blog Damien, insightful and filled with emotion, long may you continue on your path to happiness and fulfillment with your rock at your side.

  9. Markus MacGill

    That sounds like a brilliant attitude to me. I’m inspired to say ‘well done’.

  10. Larry

    Nicely said damien. Larry

  11. Daren

    Damien, after listening to you talk, and see you project images onto a screen, you truly are an inspiring person, I have never seen images like it. Seeing that Ansel Adams, also produced amazing images, and after visiting his country and seeing his photos, I feel very lucky, to have seen 2 great photographers, with totally different photo styles, but both equally inspiring..

    • damien

      Thanks everyone for your support. Life’s great and so are you!


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