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Jul 12, 2010 | Location | 13 comments

Okay here is your chance to give a bit back to the ProPhotoNut community. What pictures inspire you? I’ll start by sharing my first two sources of inspiration. They were given to me by others and I believe the best way to advance is to share the journey…

Vincent Peters (flash site)

Please just link to a couple of shots or sites. Get as close as you can to the action with your links and please don’t post pictures directly into your comments box. Feel free to discuss what has been posted. I’ll do my best to keep the thread tidy and the links accessible.


  1. Thorsten

    Far too many to mention here. Thank goodness for Google Reader. I’ve just added a few more from the links above! But here are two selected at random:

    – Dieter Koelbl
    – Kenneth Linge at

  2. Pete Martin

    A couple I regularly visit are Todd Laffler (flash site)

    and Mark Ridout (flash site)

    after ‘Lovegrove’ and ‘Hanley’ ;-)

  3. Chris Hanley

    Two guys I visit regularly Ben Chrisman
    and Simon Mark Whitten

    I love their distintive style and post production

  4. Craig O'Hara

    That Rockie Nolan stuff is amazing. Personally I find it most inspirational when technique is revealed especially with flash. Hence why I’m a regular visitor here.
    I’d like to point to Marko Saari


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