Madame Bink ~ pictures by Julie Lovegrove

Nov 14, 2010 | Location | 20 comments


1. The dining room was filled with this huge table so once we'd moved all the chairs and drawn the curtains the stage was set for Binky to drape herself beautifully and elegantly on it. My red fabric just had to be used here, and the light from one window gave me enough light to shoot at ISO 1600 1/60 sec.

Here is a small selection of Julie’s pictures from last Tuesday’s Art Nude Portrait workshop at the fabulous Kingscote House. Make up is by our house stylist Vicky Waghorn. Not work safe after the jump.  All taken on a Nikon D700, using one lens ; 24 – 70 f/ 2.8 and using available daylight only on a dull and rainy day :(    All shot at f/4.0 with comments by Julie……


2. I chose the darkest room in the house for our first shots of the day. The blinds remained closed as the light coming through them was beautiful, even if my delegates probably thought I was a bit mad to attempt it! This was shot at ISO 3200, 1/200 sec


3. ISO 3200 again. 1/100 sec


4. I softened this a little to give it a dreamy, wistful quality. ISO 2500. 1/100 sec


5. ISO 2500. 1/40 sec


6. My favourite shot of the day. I took the saturation slightly down in lightroom and Binky's skin and the stone stairs have an alabaster look to them. Very simple, but I can imagine this as a painting on somebody's wall. ISO 2500. 1/25 sec


7. Damien's not keen on this, but I wanted to keep pushing the exposure, and some images can take the 'blown out' treatment. It's cropped in tightly as Binky is lying on the windowsill of a huge picture window and in the original image she is a small figure at the bottom of it. ISO 2500. 1/40 sec.


8. Quite a dark and cold, (sorry Binky!) corridor. The light came from a window at the top of a staircase near this corner and one roof light further down the hall. ISO 1600. 1/15 sec


9. Same wall but texture added in post production. ISO 2500. 1/25 sec


10. Just like image No. 6, I love the 'alabaster' look to Binky's skin. ISO 1600. 1/13 sec


11. Standing against the wall opposite the staircase with the window at the top. There was also a roof light which made for unattractive shadows under Binky's eyes. The best way of dealing with this toplight was to look upwards. ISO 2500. 1/125 sec


12. Upstairs into one of the bedrooms. I had intended using a few rooms as this was the smallest, but saw so many opportunities here we spent the last hour of the day in just this one room. A tight crop to this was needed as the chair was squeezed in between a fireplace and a wardrobe. ISO 2500. 1/60 sec


13. Finally, Binky had a chance to warm up at least some of her body! ISO 2500. 1/125 sec




15. Another favourite - a very tight crop at ISO 1600. 1/30 sec. Binky looks very serene and beautiful, and Vicki's makeup is beautiful too :)


16. ISO 1600 1/20 sec.

Please feel free to comment on these pictures. Many thanks to Binky who didn’t complain once about holding poses for ages (even with dead legs!) or about being cold. 

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  1. Tom brookes

    Can you tell me when you will be running this course again please

  2. Philip Bamber

    Numbers 2, 11 and 15 are my favourites Julie – fabulous images.

  3. Martin Hill

    what a great set of images, rapidly climbing the ladder in this genre of photography me thinks. Some of the best images I’ve seen of madam Binki.

    Well done Julie, just awesome.

  4. Nick

    Great set Julie, the Nikons are awesome aren’t they!

    I agree with Chris above, but I would like to add that in image 2, I don’t think that could be any more tasteful if you tried, the light in this just makes a full frontal nude look so soft, beautiful and sensual. Very well done!!

  5. Madame Bink

    I had such a fab time and these photos are great Julie! Yay :D

    Can’t wait for March!


    Gorgeous images Julie. I might start to venture into high ISO’s after seeing these! Thanks for sharing not only the images but the settings. Kind regards (and a hello to Damien etc too), Iona x

  7. Michaela


    These are beautiful – thank you for posting. Hopefully will manage to get onto one of your workshops in 2011.

  8. Ian Hamilton

    6 and 15 are my faves – lovely work Julie.

  9. Julie Lovegrove

    Thanks for your compliments everyone. I had a great day and I’ve now added the ISO and my comments to the images. If anyone would love to photograph Binky at the same venue then do come on the next workshop in March :)

  10. Thorsten

    I’m a big fan and strong proponent of shooting ambient light only so these are right up my street! Superb images.

  11. Vicki Waghorn

    I LOVE them all!! But fave has to be #11.

    Great work Julie! (and Binky of course!)

    Vicki xx

  12. martyn norsworthy

    WOW! 4/5/and 10 are amazing!

    I use a D700 also with the same lense! What iso etc if you dont mind me asking??

  13. Ziggy

    Image number 6 is sublime!

  14. Anita Callow

    Thanks for sharing, great shots. I like 1,3,9,11,12, 15, 16 mire from my point of view,but I like suggestive more than full on but then I’m a women hee hee. Serious real help as I’m out to embark on my first time nude shoot on Weds.

  15. Giles Hastie

    I’m amazed that these were only lit by ambient light! Superb results. I especially like 2,3 and 5.

  16. Keith Hammond

    2.5.8 & 10 are my favs but the whole set is so beautiful. What sort of post work has been carried out ?

    • damien

      Hi Keith,

      The pictures were tweaked in Lightroom with the looks created there. They were then tidied in Photoshop and given a bit of lasso and curves work too. Damien.

  17. Chris Hanley

    2,6,10 and 13 are compositionally fabulous. Beautiful and instilling peacefulness to the viewer. I can imagine these printed very large in a minimalist gallery. And i’m also convinced the nikon is the right camera choice for this type of work. Bravo, encore. x


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