Brand establishing test shoot ~ Location portraits with a difference

Aug 7, 2011 | Location | 21 comments

Enchanting Wood test shoot with Adam Dunn

1. A modicum of planning and a bit of smoke allowed us to capture this striking image of our model Nia to start this sequence. All we needed was an enchanted wood with a cave, a lake and a few unicorns (I made that bit up).

As you may know I am working with a group of  talented wedding photographers who are striving to become leaders in the wedding photography business. The programme is called Evolve and it’s now in its third season. Last month I joined Adam Dunn, (an Evolver on month 4 out of 10) on a creative shoot to refine his take on the post wedding shoot theme.

2. A floaty summer dress was perfect in this ancient orchard at our secret location.

Adam has established himself as a specialist in capturing his vision of the world in 16×9 format. One of my roles has been to help Adam establish his brand Enchanting Wood so that it can be ready for launch this Autumn. Adam has created two product ranges ‘Oak‘ based on an A3 Lovegrove portfolio containing 100% cotton fine art prints and ‘Willow’ a product from the Folio collection of albums by Stewart Randall. I am happy to say Enchanting Wood is now live and ready for business.














Adam is a funky and cool photographer and is a great catch for those brides wanting a more stylised approach to their wedding photography. You can contact Adam here or check out his availability here. For a chance to win your Enchanting Wood wedding photography be sure to read the amazing Love My Dress Blog every day this week.

Take a look at Adam’s pictures from this shoot here. They are a more varied and more effective set than mine ;-)


  1. Bryan

    Damien, the first in the series i have done was definitely a ‘trash the dress’ i took the bride paint balling (well made it look like she was).
    I came down to this part of the world about 5 years ago so i am still discovering all it’s stunning venues.

    I recently shot a wedding at The Matara, It is a beautiful and quirky place, i hope to be back there next year.

    • damien

      Welcome to the West Country Bryan :)
      Matara is fabulous.

      Kind regards, Damien.

  2. Bryan Farrell

    Beautiful and this is one of my favourite local beauty spots (but keep it under your hat) i have a series of “cherish the dress’ type shoots coming up and would love to recreate the top image.

    As always stunning work and thank you for the inspiration.


    • damien

      Thanks Bryan,

      I have a few other local beauty spots that I use from time to time. ‘Cherish the Dress’ shoots are exclusively interior shoots so as to avoid damaging the dress in any way so it might be better to refer to ‘Trash the Dress’ for a shoot like this. Just a thought. Thanks for your compliments :)

  3. Cat

    Hi Damien, These images are so perfect, haven’t been on your blog for a little while now and i am amazed at the work you have been producing recently! We would love to come along to some of your courses in 2012. x

    • damien

      Hi Cat,

      Thank you for taking the trouble to comment. I would love to have you join me on a workshop or 1:1 shoot session next year. My photographic journey is a bit of an adventure at the moment with creative inspiration seemingly everywhere. I hope it never stops. Please stay inspired and lets meet up in 2012.

      Kindest regards, Damien.

  4. Colin Bate

    Hi Damien, these images are beautiful. I went to the NEC national wedding show today – you have nothing to worry about ,there is no competion. Love your work.

    • damien

      Thanks Colin,

      The NEC show was a big dissapointment but some traders did very well indeed.

      Regards, Damien.

  5. Ian Hamilton

    Great images and the branding’s terrific – hope all goes well for Adam

    • damien

      Thanks Ian :)

  6. Dave Love

    Hi Damien,
    Were some of these shot on your X100. I’m thiiiis close to buying one but have read/seen some really bad reviews about it mis-focusing (badly!). Have you found this to be the case?

    Have a look at
    Or watch episode 18 of The Grid online, about 18 mins in for their review.

    • damien

      Hi Dave,

      I find the focussing of my X100 to be spot on. I prefer to use it than read reviews about it now that I have one. I use a focus/ reframe method and have better success at f/2 on the Fuji than I do with my Canon 5D mk2 at f/2.8 on my f/1.2 50mm prime!

      Cheers, Damien.

  7. Murray

    More super shots and Adam’s are great too.

    Interesting to see David’s choice, doesn’t do it for me I prefer 9. A white horse (a la Drew’s Zebra) far background right in No. 1 might be too much but it would be interesting to try.

    Adam should do very well with your assistance.

    • damien

      Thanks Murray :)

  8. Ian

    Really nice set.

    • damien

      Thanks Ian and Darren :)

  9. Chris Hanley

    Fab images, unique brand, great product. Wishing you much success with it.
    Now the challenges of marketing :)

    • damien

      Hi Chris, Indeed, marketing is the big one with Enchanting Wood. Much effort and time will be needed to make this project the success it deserves. Thanks for your comments :)) See you in Tuscany. D.

  10. David

    What a beautiful set of pictures Damien! Favourite being number 13.
    The photographers on your evolve programme are very fortunate to have you as mentor/trainer and I wish them all the best for the future. Having been on a couple of your courses last year I know my work has come on leaps and bounds since then. Still finding it difficult to establish a brand though.


    • damien

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your compliments. I know where you are coming from with regards a brand. By establishing a brand you are filtering out all the noise that clutters your defining style. It’s a negative process. Start by identifying the 10% of your work that best sits together in a way you like. Cut out the other 90% and replace it with more of the 10% type pictures. You then have a style, by defing the style you are some way to establishing your brand.

      I hope this helps. Damien.


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