A random collection of recent studio photographs

Dec 22, 2011 | Flash, Studio | 21 comments

01. A picture of Iskra Lawrence taken with my Canon 5D ir camera.

Over the past few months I’ve done numerous shoots and have barely had time to edit them let alone blog them. Here are a few of my recent shots taken in the studio. They are not award winners, just run of the Lovegrove mill.

I’m moving on to new styles and genres for 2012 and it all takes a lot of research and most of all practice. Practice is what make the results flow. Nothing is more exhilarating than experimenting with new ideas. It’s a kind of creative buzz that feeds my soul.

I’ve blogged a staggering 5700 pictures in 2011 alone. What does this go to show? Well, it certainly means I’m prolific. I’m happy not to chase perfection but to achieve a consistent quality. I love to capture emotion and soul in my work. I shoot collections, and when I shoot for clients, I shoot for albums, big albums. A typical family portrait will result in 40 – 120 prints in the album. I never blog my client work, just my workshops, 1:1 shoots and some of my personal work.

If my blog readers like 3 or 4 of the images in each of my posts I’m happy. I started numbering my photographs this year to see what ones are the most successful and to my surprise the ‘hits’ varied considerably. I’m learning a lot about photography and about myself at the moment. The way I see the world is not quite the same as most people I know with the exception of Francesca my daughter. I’m often considered strange, metro-sexual is a word banded around me and I like to think I can recognise and capture beauty in a respectful and elegant way.

Over the next few days I’ll be whittling down those 5700 pictures to produce my definitive best of 2011 set. Will I make the right choices? No, but I’ll be happy with them and sometimes that’s all that matters.

Please enjoy this slightly random and motley set of recent studio portraits.

02. I must take this opportunity to give credit to my fabulous friend and make up artist Vicki Waghorn. She advises me on all things of a sensitive nature, is a brilliant make up artist and is a great companion to all my models. I rely on Vicki's judgement and styling advice on almost all my shoots.

Models: Stina Sanders, Chloe Jasmine Whichello, Iskra Lawrence, Johanna Ormsby, Katy McGee, Sal Jeffries and Francesca Lovegrove


























































60. I'm finishing this post with a montage of pictures I took of my daughter Francesca for the final sequence of my Lighting Studio Portraits DVD. We recorded the making of these pictures with a camera set to time lapse and the whole process of capturing the 35 shots above too us 12 minutes.

Please feel free to share any that work for you, a top 3 perhaps?  Comments and questions are always welcome.


  1. Cristiano

    I really love your style and your pictures: natural, intense and delicate at the same time. You have the ability to capture the essence of beauty and embrace it with light.

    My top 3: 15, 32, 58.



    • damien

      Thank you Christano :)

  2. Richard Hart

    Hi Damien!

    I think you are spot on with your comments! You are only there because you have pushed and worked to be in that position. I admire the fact that you have been able to create your projects and used your readership in blogs, magazines and training sessions to make it happen. I can see how hard you work because you are literally everywhere! You are a role model for being able to manage your business like this!

    Luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.


    • damien

      Thanks Richard,

      2012 will need a completely different balance of structure for my business. I’m looking forward to the challenges it will bring. It’s slightly worrying entering a new year with very little income stream finalised beyond March. When I was shooting weddings we had 20 or more bookings in the diary by now. I have plans, ambitions and a great team onboard.

      Have a great 2012. Kindest regards, Damien

  3. david cooke

    Well Damien this is not a motley collection as you described in fact its a great series of photographs reflecting a few weeks work.
    By the way when you are described as Metro Sexual it simply means you have a feminine side that shows through, something I think is to be proud of as I share the same description.
    I love everything Lovegrove and I unashamedly admit I am madly in love with Chloe Jasmine Whichello.
    I love the cheekyness in some of your photos such as 17 and 18.
    I love that every portrait you take seems to show the soul of your model even with the male models, which by the way is probably down to that Metro Sexual side you have.
    You capture the essence of your models in their eyes which always pop with such clarity and something I hope to emulate one day.
    I love the vibrance of your work and the newness of it.
    I love the way you share everything with everyone, you open yourself up to your forum members with such honesty.
    I love the deals you put out there even though at the moment I cant afford any of them.
    I love the familyness (I know its not a proper word) of Prophotonut, your frequent mentions of all your family and their input to these pages.
    Well I did say I love everything Lovegrove, I could go on and on but by now you will already be blushing.
    Its the end of the year and lastly I would like to wish you and your family a happy new year.
    lots of love David.

    • damien

      Wow David,

      What can I say but thank you. Such a glowing testimony. I found out about this time last year that I can’t please all of my blog readers all of the time. I was challenged for ‘going off course’ but I’m glad to say I can at least please some of you. Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to write such kind words. Have a wonderful 2012.


  4. Richard Hart

    wow! 5700 blogged images! There are a lot of pro photogs who dont have that many finished images to blog!

    It is always great to see what you are doing and look for inspiration.

    If only we could all be in a position to shoot with perfect looking models and come up with projects that we want to do…

    Congrats on the new award, you definitely deserve it for development with photographers.


    • damien

      Thanks Richard,

      As you say, to some extent I am in the fortunate position of being able to shoot what I want, when I want to. I feel I’ve made my own luck in life through hard work and constant development. It is this hard work that I blog here. Along with the 5700 pictures posted this year are 12 pillar articles of 2000 words or more plus many others of 500 – 1000 words. The truth is I absolutely adore my photography and I love sharing my passion and skills with other photographers. It is not easy to make a living writing, teaching and shooting this way and that is why I rely on the Lovegrove Consulting shop and DVDs to pay the bills.

      My key advice is don’t stand still. Keep evolving and developing your product offerings, your photographic style and your skill base.

      The 380 pictures or so that I have selected to blog as my best of 2012 set are very different to those from 2010 and even more so from 2009. I’m not saying they are better, just different. I happen to prefer this years work to all my previous stuff but that’s because it is still fresh in my mind perhaps.

      I sometimes think the happiest photographer is one who has a day job to bring in the money and can enjoy taking pictures at will for self satisfaction. I have always strived to fill my life with personal work and projects. These feed my creative soul.

      I feel very privileged and I don’t take my responsibilities lightly. I thank you and all my blog readers for your continued support and kind words as I journey through life with my camera. I’ve often ventured off track only to be brought back in line by carefully chosen words by followers or a lack of words.

      Life is a fragile equilibrium that continues to excite and inspire me. Have a great 2012.

      Kindest regards,


  5. Paul Abrahams

    Just a quick hello as I run out the door but I had to share this stunning new book of photos with you Damien http://1x.com/beyond/

    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

    • damien

      Thanks Wayne :)

  6. Paul Abrahams

    As usual I love all of them!

    1, 11, 17, 18, 21, 23, 26, 38, 43, 45, 47, 48, 49, 52
    and the montage time lapse in 12 minutes.. brilliant.

    My top 5;
    1 contrast between hard (steel) and soft body form, its different but sexy
    17 the styling, the light through tulle, the colors
    23 skin tone so beautiful and feels intimate
    49, love the color, high lights and smoke
    38 love the color and form

    • damien

      Thanks Paul,

      You were up early on Christmas day :) I agree with your top 5 selection. I must say I am lucky to work with such beautiful people. Have a fabulous 2012,


  7. paul keppel

    Great set of images, I received the studio lighting dvd about a week ago and have watched it 3times already from start to finish.

    • damien

      Thanks Paul,

      There’s so much info to take in on that production. Get shooting and practicing. Refer back to the video often, recreate the looks and adapt them to create your own style. There is so much to shoot with subtle lighting variations that deliver startlingly different results.

      Love photography and love life, Damien.

  8. Mike

    Lovely set of images,personal favs are num 28,and 39.
    Is the set up two lights ,or just the single light for num 39.

    • damien

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your compliments. Number 39 is featured on my new Lighting Studio Portraits video where I show exactly how to light this set up using two lights ;)

      Best wishes, Damien.

  9. Tony Dawson, Ayrshire Photographer

    New home and soon to be new home studio setup (now I have a fair old bit of space).

    I cannot WAIT! and links to work like this are going to be foundations of inspiration and projects for months.

    Thanks so much Damien for sharing.

    • damien

      It’s my pleasure Tony.

      I’m glad to be of assistance. I expect you have it already but if not you will find my latest video production of ‘lighting Studio Portraits’ really useful when setting up your new space. Have a great 2012.

      Kindest regards,


  10. Per Vemmelev

    I love to get your RSS-feeds, thanks – fantastic light, and fantastic use of light in different ways, very inspiring.

    • damien

      Thank you Per :)


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