Fujifilm X-Pro1 High res pictures

Mar 8, 2012 | Continuous Lighting, News | 7 comments

Click on the image to see the file at 100% and in colour.

Whilst at Focus on Imaging I was fortunate enough to have 60 seconds with the new X-pro1. Just enough time to shoot these two frames of the gorgeous Chloe Jasmine Whichello. If you click on the images you can see them at 100% and as the exif data is intact you can see all the settings that I used for these hand held grab shots.

Click on the picture to see this image at 100% and in monochrome. I'd usually work on the files a bit but I've kept them pretty much as shot.

I’ll be blogging some of the other frames that I shot using my Canon 5Dmk2 later but I thought you would like to see these first. These images were shot using the parameters set in the camera when I was handed it. The camera was flanked by two security personnel at the time and there was no way I was going to have the chance to set it up for my way of shooting. I was pleased to have been given the chance to shoot with the new camera but my time with it was not long enough top assess it properly. Interestingly the exif data says I was using a 35mm lens when I was definitely using the 60mm.

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  1. Stuart Atkins

    Great to meet you at Focus, and have the opportunity to take a few frames of Chloe.

    These pics look good – not sure I’m ready to give up my SLR though!

    • damien

      Hi Stuart,

      If the X-pro1 camera is fabulous I might not replace my 5D with the mk3 but buy an X-pro1 and 3 lenses instead (same price). I’d then have a 21mp full frame SLR and a decent mirrorless camera. The X-Pro1 needs to be top drawer though.

      Cheers, Damien.

  2. david cooke

    My favourite model in hgh res wow you do make me happy Damien

  3. Mark Dell

    I too had a pretty good play with it on the stand.
    Just on the screen the images looked punchy and the camera handled well.
    I will look forward to reading a user review by you!

    • damien

      Hi Mark, Time will reveal all. We just need to be patient.

      Cheers, Damien.

  4. Den

    Zack Arias has been playing with one of these cameras for the last couple of weeks. Keep on eye on this too..

    Waiting for RAW files before I make my own mind up.

    • damien

      Hi Dan,

      I’m waiting to give it a go myself. It’s an eagerly awaited camera. I just hope they get it right before launching it on the buying public. There does seem to be an awfully long delay in releasing press cameras to be used by people not paid to extole it’s virtues. Zack is being paid by Fuji so I’ll wait for an indipendent review. Jis work is fab though :)

      Regards, Damien.


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