Stina Sanders on location ~ Lit with Elinchrom Quadra

Apr 25, 2012 | Flash, Location | 7 comments

01. Ladye Bay in Clevedon. The perfect location to finish a 1:1 training session with the Elinchrom Quadra.

It’s great to be out and about again after the winter. I started the location shooting season this year with this 1:1 workshop for a top client. We shot in the studio in the morning then went out to the woods and onto the beach in the afternoon. Here is a small selection of the location set ups that we shot.

02. Simple key and kick lighting works equally well in the woods as it does in the studio.

03. Great light brings location portraits to life.

04. The Quadra was in a Lastolite Ezybox for this shot of Stina. The sun worked well as a backlight.




08. Barely a cloud in the sky and the Quadra delivers enough punch to work with the sun.


10. The afternoon sun shimmers in the calm waters of the Severn esturary.

The Elinchrom Quadra on location delivers a fashion studio grade light that works well with the sky as a light grey backdrop. I shot this frame of Stina with a 100mm Macro lens on my Canon 5D mk2.

Please feel free to comment on these shots.


  1. Richie

    I’ve been debating the Quadra’s since I’ve heard of them. I love everything about them but feel that I’m in too deep with my current lighting equipment. I think I’m going to just BITE the bullet and purchase them and sell my other equipment and just know that I’ll be happier in the long/short run.

    Keep making beautiful images Damien and I look forward to seeing some BTS of you using the Quadras!

    • damien

      Hi Richie,

      Biting the bullet is sometimes the way to go. Ask yourself… What will be your return on investment? Will you be a better or more inspired photographer using the new kit? Do you need it or just want it? It might interest you to know that we are giving a £100 rebate to purchasers of the 2 A head Quadra kit when they book on my Quadra portraits on the streets of Manchester workshop. There may be other locations for this event too but I’m starting with Manchester.

      If you have any questions about the Quadra kit do contact me on Twitter or ring my PA Blaise.

      Stay inspired and enjoy your photography, Damien.

  2. Paul Beggy

    As per my twitter comments these are great and really showcase the quadra! Did you use any modifiers? I’d love to see pictures 2 and 3 in colour too :) look forward to more images with the quadra soon

    • damien

      Hi Paul,

      I used just the standard 150mm reflector and diffuser cap that comes with the Quadra. It is about 5 times the size of a Speedlight lens and has a gorgeous drop off. I’ll be using the Quadra on the streets and for location portraits throughout the summer season.

      Regards, Damien.

  3. Bryan

    love the Quadra’s but you get a beautifully lit shot using a torch and a hanky. love the strong back light of image 4 but i’d be happy if i’d have made any of these shots : )

    • damien

      Hi Bryan,

      I have tried the torch and hanky method too but I think the Quadra has a more professional look and a better client experience :) Damien.


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