A few frames of Dagmara Kojda

Jul 19, 2012 | Flash, Studio | 1 comment

01. The beautiful Dagmara lit with one Elinchrom BXRi 500 light in my studio. Shot on a Nikon D700 with a 24-70mm lens.

These frames are just a few from a recent 1:1 training session I gave. My client has a small studio in London with four flash heads, 2 Elinchrom and 2 Bowens. She uses a Nikon D700 with various pro lenses. I matched the kit we used on this training day with her kit so that everything we shot could be easily recreated in her own studio in town.

02. One light, this time in a soft box. I showed how to feather a light and how to control contrast in one light shooting.

Make up and hair: Vikki Waghorn
Model: Dagmara from Gingersnap

03. Beauty close-ups work really well when lit intimately.

04. Lit with a beauty dish from behind. Controlling flare is the principal task with this kind of shot.

05. I used three lights for this shot.

06. And we added a second 3/4 backlight for this shot.

07. A subtle change in the lighting balance and the addition of a coloured gel made this shot. I put a hint of smoke in the air too.

08. Back to one light and very careful light positioning to reveal Dagmara's beautiful curves.

09. Here is another frame from that set in colour.

10. The simplest of lighting set ups can be used for a fashion look. More post production would be needed to get this image to magazine grade. I love to keep my work real and fresh so I just put it through Lightroom with no more than 60 seconds per image of tweaking. The double shadows are the characteristic of the Bowens Spill Kill used bare. I prefer the Elinchrom Quadra head with its translucent diffused for this kind of shot.

11. I used my magic water reflector and a single flash head to light this shot.

12. I just opened the studio door briefly so that we could shoot a few frame using natural light.

13. One last shot beauty shot lit with the light from an open door.

We shot many more frames on the day but it was more important that my client got the final shots and understood the nuances of lighting that we used to create them. All in all we had a great session and I’m lucky enough to be shooting with Dagmara in a couple of weeks on a 1:2 training session. We have a country house, an old stone church, a few horses and a fabulous landscape as locations for that shoot. If you want to take your lighting, composition, directing and photography to the next stage book a 1:1 session now. Call Blaise on 01275 853204 for more information or email Blaise and to ask about our summer offer. Or you can get a group of photographers together, book me and share the cost. This often works out far cheaper than booking on workshops. We can source locations and models for just about every genre from fine art nude to destination bride, or perhaps male beauty to intimate couples. Give Blaise a call to discuss your ideas on 01275 853204 and she will schedule time for me to discuss the details and plan our day with you.

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  1. Sean Shimmel


    (In all the best ways) like one of those cooking utensil infomercials… “does it all!”

    And, as always, so do you with lighting… natural, beauty, strobe, continuous, single, multi… :)

    Keep up the question for variation


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