Jay Jessop in Femme Fatale workshop ~ Day 2 pictures

Nov 12, 2012 | Continuous Lighting, Location | 2 comments

01. This was lit with the versatile Lupolux Quad 1500 soft light. I wanted to give the picture a believable but dramatic look.

These pictures are a small selection of my shots from day 2 of our lighting interior portraits workshop at Pipewell Hall.  We photographed evening and bridal wear on day one, the pictures are here, then lingerie and nudes on day two. We were a group of six delegates from various countries plus myself as tutor. There was certainly an international feel about the event and a fabulous buzz.

02. One Lupolux 800 spotlight was what I eventually settled on for a sequence of shots by this mirror. The bustle was provided by Lisa Keating of Lisa Keating Bridal.

Model: Jay Jessop
Make up and hair: Jay Jessop
Styling: Lisa Keating, Damien Lovegrove and Jay Jessop

03. We shot high key and low key throughout the two days of training. I used a Lupolux 1000 LED spotlight powered by my Lithium battery inverter. It ran the light continuously for over three hours on the day.

04. Simple close ups were the order of the day too.

05. Sometimes the simplest light makes the finest pictures. We shot a series of beautiful delicate nudes here too.

06. The way the light dances on Jay's face and body is wonderful. The moment of thought and reflection adds to the picture too.

07. The Lupolux LED 100 was our sun in this shot.

08. We shot a couple of corsets and a waspie from Lisa Keating's collection too. I love the way Jay Jessop can look so different in these pictures.

09. Vulnerability and strength. The classic mix of conflicting moods to harmonise.

10. Jay wears Agent Provocateur knickers in this naturally lit scene. I just lifted the room a touch with a softlight from behind the camera.

11. As above with one stop more contrast.

12. A simple key and kick shot of Jay lit with a pair of Arri's. I directed this simple yet classic pose. I love the asymmetry in the pose and the symmetry in the composition.

13. One of my star pupils wanted to shoot Jay with her coat and I thought it looked great so I grabbed this frame too.

14. A lovely shot to finish this mini set with. Getting down on the ground with the Fuji X-Pro1 is a dream because the LCD display is perfect. 18mm lens on the Fuji. Three lights were used to make the picture pop.

My next event at Pipewell Hall is on the 12th February 2013 and is a one day workshop: Interior Speedlight Portraits. Other Femme Fatale, Boudoir, Film Noir and Black Swan workshops are in the planning process with top models including the fabulous Chloe Jasmine Whichello. Please email Laura to be kept in the loop on these super workshop events.


  1. Tony Sale

    Love the shots look very striking, excellent lighting, look brilliant in black & white

    • damien

      Thanks Tony :)


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