Boudoir in Singapore with just one light

Sep 27, 2013 | Continuous Lighting, Flash, Location | 7 comments

After my Jakarta adventure I flew to Singapore to hook up with a few more of my Asian clients. I gave a couple of 1:1 training sessions , an Urban Portraits workshop and a Portrait Lighting master-class. Here are a 37 of the photographs from my first 1:1 session. It was boudoir training for one of my top clients who flew in from Beijing for the day. We shot in his suite at the fabulous Fullerton Hotel on the Marina Bay waterfront.


Our model for the shoot was the gorgeous Lily Nes
Makeup was by Anna of VivaHosanna
I used a Fujifilm X-Pro1 with the 35mm f/1.4 prime and 18-55mm zoom lenses.
Lighting: 1 Lupolux DayLED 1000 with a Scattergel for the majority of the pictures and a Speedlight, Gemini bracket and silver umbrella for the exteriors and the commercial head shot.



If you would like to book me for a 1:1 training session or sponsor a workshop just get in touch with Laura or Blaise at my studio. I will be travelling extensively in 2014 and might just be able to drop by. My plans in progress include Cologne in Germany, Sweden, Norway, USA and Cambodia.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment below. It may take me a week or two for me to reply but I will always answer your questions and respond to your comments :)


  1. Gordon Baxter

    To expand on wow. I love the natural feel. The bed looks like it has been involved in something fun & intimate. Outstanding.

  2. Lovegrove

    Wow, praise indeed. Thank you Gilbert. :)

  3. Gilbert Choy

    The 1:1 workshop with Damien was the best that I ever had, and the images that I captured are also the best in my portfolio. Without a doubt, Damien is the best boudoir photographer in the world. The shoot was expensive but completely worth it!

  4. David Stubbs

    Beautiful work. Great to see you using the new 35 1.4 and superb tones with just one light. Processing is nothing short of outstanding. Inspiring work as always Damien. I’ll be booking on a workshop again soon.

    • Damien

      Hi David,

      Thank you David. I’ve had the 35mm from day 1 and I love the lens. I expect the 23mm due out in a couple of weeks is going to be my new favourite lens. As you may now know I’ll not be doing any more UK workshops. I’ll be concentrating on 1:1 and small group training in the UK and my workshops and photographic holidays will take place abroad. I have a new website here with all the details :) Join my in Fuerteventura for some fun in the sun.

      Best regards, Damien.


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