Kate ~ The Siem Reap session

Sep 23, 2014 | Continuous Lighting, Location, Travel | 2 comments


01. The children of the town came out to watch us shoot in the dying rays of sunlight at the end of the day. Cambodia is a colourful vibrant country with a joyous people.

Kate, one of our models, joined us in Seem Reap for a couple of days on my first tour of Cambodia. Here are a few of my frames taken in a fishing village, temples, woodland and our boutique hotel. NSFW after the jump or fold


02. The temples in the Angkor complex make fabulous portrait locations. In late July and early August there were very few tourists so it was possible to have complete areas of the temples to ourselves.


03. Bayon and Ta Prohm were the most exciting temples to shoot in. Wander off the tourist path and get lost is my advice. We immersed ourselves in the wonderful light and textures of the less spectacular areas.


04. The edge of a wooded area of eucalyptus trees on the road back to Siem Reep is a simple yet striking location to shoot. I shot the picture on the right by pool at our hotel.

Kate was scheduled to be our nude model in Phnom Penh for tour 2 but plans eventually changed so Kate and I did a mini shoot early one morning at the hotel instead.




06. The white walls in the covered areas of my balcony was a perfect area for a simple natural light shoot.

If you have a spirit of adventure and want to shoot a mix of travel, landscape, street and portrait photography then email Blaise my PA or Linda at Essential Explorations There’s talk of another photography adventure in Cambodia in 2015 plus Bali and Cuba too.


  1. David Collie

    Inspirational as always Damian. I particularly liked the sculpting from the lighting in the main image in section 06. Please keep posting.

    • Damien

      Thanks David, I’ve been busy making videos but now I’m ready to post again :)


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