Alicia Endemann in Hollywood

Oct 22, 2015 | Continuous Lighting, Fujifilm X, Location | 15 comments


01. A single Lupo 1000 with a Scattergel brought this sequence to life.

Event: 1:1 training workshop in Hollywood portraits
Client: Paul Keur
Location: Martin’s Patershof Hotel in Mechelen, Belgium
Model: Alicia Endemann
Hair and Make up: Shirley Hamilton
Assistant: Mariana Atamanchuk
Styling: Damien, Shirley and Alicia
Lights: Lupo LED 1000, Lupo LED 650 and a Scattergel
Camera: Fuji X-T1 with 16mm, 23mm, 35mm and 50-140mm lenses


02. I found the vintage sunglasses on Ebay, the shrug is from Top Shop and the halter-neck dress is from Jane Norman.


03. For this frame I added the Lupo 650 as a hair light.


04. The Pateshoff Hotel is a fabulous location secured by shoot assistant Mariana. I found the skater dress in Stanley Market in Hong Kong. The fascinator is from Shirley’s collection. I used a single Lupo 1000 for these shots too.


05. The wig was made by Shirley, the ‘Jackie O’ glasses are by Primark and the lighting was a single Lupo 1000 with a Scattergel.


06. The two part dress in Alicia’s own and looks fabulous.


07. “Push my button”




09. Tutu and top from Ebay. Lupo 1000 spotlight with Scattergel.


10. I had the crazy idea to pay homage to Anne Geddes with an adult version of her classic baby in a flower pot genre.


11. “U can’t touch this”

And here is a fabulous behind the scenes video shot by Shirley on her phone :) What a creative team!

If you would like to have a fabulous 1:1 shoot experience with me all the info you need is here.

Feel free to comment on these shots.


  1. Elvire Van Ooteghem

    Damien Lovegrove you often use Lupo lights with scattergels to create beautiful effects (eg. light shining through chandelier or palm tree). Could you create similar effects using Profoto heads (B1/B2)? With Rosco Gobos perhaps?

    • Lovegrove

      It won’t work the same way because the Profoto is not a point source of light. It is quite a large disk in it’s bare form and therefore doesn’t produce clean, crisp, shadows. If you use the light further away from the subject you might get somewhere. If I need to use flash, I use the Fresnel attachment for the Broncolor Picolite or Mobilite. The only easy way to produce the lighting I create is with Film and TV lamps like the Lupo or Arri. That’s why they are the choice of filmmakers. Lupo and Arri lights are rubbish at producing soft light and that’s where the Profotos are king.

    • Elvire Van Ooteghem

      Thank you for sharing this! I’ll prepare for some trial and error then, to see if I can come up with an interesting effect.

  2. kelsey

    Wonderful work. What were your aperture and ISO settings?

    • Damien

      Hi Kelsey,

      The exposure was set by the ambient light level and the lights were dimmed to suit. Typical exposures were ISO 800, 1/125th at f/1.4 with the primes and 1/60th at f/2.8 and ISO 1250 for the zoom. Everything was shot hand held.
      I hope this helps,


    • Lovegrove

      Kind words indeed Cameron :)

  3. David Wagelmans

    Wonderfull set as usual. You make it look all so simple.
    And wonderfull location in deed :)

    • damienlovegrove

      Thank you David.

      Continuous lighting and a mirrorless camera make it easy to shoot once you have a strategy and the know how. It’s the planning and preparation that requires the effort.

      Stay inspired,



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