Agata Suduiko in Paris at Twilight

Mar 20, 2016 | Continuous Lighting, Flash, Location, Travel | 9 comments

Model: Agata Suduiko
Styling: Mariana Atamanchuk
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Make up: Tatiana Medved
Camera: Fuji X-Pro2, 16mm, 23mm, 35mm (f/1.4), 56mm, 90mm
Lighting: Before dusk Cactus RF60 and after dusk Lupo 650 dual colour with battery

Make up session with Tatiana Medved

01. The make up by Tatiana was a superb example of blending a contrast. I normally shoot minimalist make up but it was a delight to see such fine artistry. Thank you Tatiana.

This twilight shoot in Paris was a collaboration with a friend and fellow photographer Paul Keur. While the make up by Tatiana was under way Paul and I found a local bar to discuss shoot locations. We used Google Earth and Paul’s knowledge of Paris to choose the perfect palace to shoot at. The 1664 tasted great but had a price tag to match. Paris is right up there among the most expensive cities in the world.

Balcony shot

02. To test the Cactus RF60 flash we shot Agata on the balcony of the hotel suite. I used a CTO gel and a 3400k white balance setting to give the city a cool tone. The flash was used bare without modifiers. It’s the best way to work if you can nail the light direction.

Agata in Paris

03. Our chosen palace has fabulous lions with cherubs atop. Google Street View gave us a good preview of our shoot locations. I lit this with a bare faced Cactus RF60 with CTO gel. The Police were out in force with 20 or so riot vans but they seemed to be waiting for us around the corner so we just set up and shot.


04. The cherub and lion on the left of the staircase had finer carving so we used it for the close ups. A security guard came out and once I showed him the picture on the screen of the X-Pro2 he was blown away. Art creation was the ticket we needed to continue.


05. I doubt that these sculptures have ever been photographed like this. The glancing light from the zoomed in speedlight is perfect here.


06. We went around the corner avoiding attention in Clouseau style and set up in the grand entrance. The ambient light was drifting away and the Cactus power was being reduced minute by minute until we reached the bottom at 1/128th.


07. These last shots with flash were taken with Acros G film simulation.


08. With the flash derigged it was time to concentrate on Agata in natural light. I kept the white balance the same throughout this shoot as I loved the tones with the make up design.


09. It wasn’t long before a jacket was needed and this leather jacket triggered a new edge to the shoot.

Paris at dusk

10. While the team warmed up in a bar I watched the light fade over Paris.

Agata Suduiko in Paris at dusk

11. We were soon back on track and shooting. This time we used Paul’s Lupo 650 dual colour spotlight at 3200k and a setting of just 18% power. This was perfect to harmonise with the ambient lights on the bridge. Rigging continuous light in the street at night is quite fabulous. It draws attention and a crowd.

Agata Suduiko in Paris at twilight

12. The colour of these pictures can be imagined. It is a bit garish and detracts from Agata.

twilight in paris with Agata Suduiko

13. We then retreated to a fantastic location to capture some Paris underworld shots. I still used the Lupo and it was perfect for this scene.


14. The tunnel of serendipity is a fabulous location to shoot at night. I did find myself lying in the gutter to get the shot on the left with the X-Pro2. The tilting screen on the X-T1 would be a great advantage here. 23mm, f/2.2, 1/30th second at ISO 1000.

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  1. john canavan

    Triple wow Damien you will be a great loss to this type of portraiture when you go to landscaping.
    “just move your branches a bit darling” ha!

  2. Victor


    • Damien

      Thanks Victor :)

  3. Dave Fisher

    Cracking set once again. I think the model and backgrounds work well together and of course the well thought out lighting. Superb!

    • Damien

      Thank you Dave :)

  4. Jay Mijares

    Wow, Damien! I’m completely blown away by 4 and 5. The shadows add to the drama. Very stunning! For 8 and 9, how did you keep Agata’s lips red despite the color temp being at 3400k? I see some inspiration here for possible upcoming shoot!

    • damienlovegrove

      Thank you Jay. 4 and 5 work for me too. The lip colour stays red but gets a tint change from orangy red to purpley red :) There is no spot tweaking of non linear hue shifting in any of these. Cheers, Damien.

    • damienlovegrove

      Thank you Steve. Feedback like this keeps the engine running and the appreciation is more important than some folk imagine. Cheers, Damien.


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