1:1 training session in boudoir photography

Dec 27, 2017 | Continuous Lighting, GFX, Location | 0 comments

Shoot: A four hour one to one training session in boudoir and location nude photography
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Claire
Make up and hair: Vicki Waghorn
Styling: Damien Lovegrove
Location: A luxury cottage in Somerset
Lighting kit: Lupo 1000 dual colour fresnel spotlight and a Scattergel
Camera kit: Fujifilm GFX50s, GF 32-64mm zoom, GF 110mm prime, Novo tripod

Claire Rammelkamp on a sofa

01. A single Lupo 1000 dual colour spotlight with a Scattergel was our light source. We turned down the colour temperature of the light to give the shot a warmer glow. Out intended output was monochrome and I explained a good mono image starts with a good colour image. “Get the colours looking lovely and the black and white conversion will take care of itself” I said. I have posted these colour images here so that you have got an idea of how the shots looked from the camera.

This afternoon shoot with Claire lasted about four hours and was followed by a debrief over dinner. My client from London stayed overnight at our cottage and joined me for a business training session the next morning. Sometimes it’s better for logistics to split a 1:1 training day into two four hour sessions. She started her training with me in October at an interior fashion workshop in London and her next booked sessions are these workshops in Prague in January. Join us, it will be fabulous fun.

Claire Rammelkamp nude

02. I showed how easy it is to isolate the subject with continuous light and how to control the contrast in the scene. The great thing with the Lupo spotlights is you can see what you have got without always having to take a test shot.


Claire Rammelkamp on the bed

03. I showed how I create moments by keeping the shoot fun and how to compose with triangles. It’s exciting making beautiful pictures and our enthusiasm carries through into the pictures.


Claire Rammelkamp lying on the bed shot from above

04. When you shoot with a mirrorless camera you don’t have to look through the viewfinder as they nearly all have flip out LCD screens. I use the LCD on the GFX to good use when shooting from above. Although I ironed the night dress by the time I got it to location is was a bit creased. Oops. It does have a certain lived in look.


Claire Rammelkamp nude in the mirror

05. I use the GF 110mm lens on my GFX for a more distant or abstract look. It has the same field of view as a 85mm lens on a full frame camera or the 56mm lens on the Fujifilm X-Series cameras. The slight telephoto effect removes unwanted backgrounds and isolates the subject. I use my lenses wide open most of the time and the shot on the right in the desk mirror was taken with the 110mm lens at f/2.

I am running ‘boudoir’ and ‘Lovegrove Nudes’ workshops in Prague on the 9th and 10th January 2018. It’s a great idea to combine the two and have a wonderful experience creating beautiful interior portraits using one or two lights. There are still a few places available at the time of writing. Join us, it will be fun. Life is too short to let these opportunities pass you by.



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