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This collection of 200 photographs were all taken in 2017 and I’ve put them into an HD video format for ease of viewing. This diverse selection is divided into two sections, the colour images including landscapes and travel genres followed directly by the monochrome collection of boudoir, and figure in the landscape. The majority of the photographs were taken on workshops or shared adventures.

The adventures available in 2018 are here.

Have a fabulous 2018, Damien Lovegrove

Fun in the sun...

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12 Responses

  1. Juergen E. Dechert

    Hi Damien – many thanks for sharing your 2017 top summary.
    Stunning as always. Like your work very much.
    Wishing you and your team a great & peaceful 2018 !!!
    Btw – enjoy the original Bud during your time in Prague ;-)

    With best regards – Juergen

  2. adam trussell

    Great images for 2017 and ballerina rejection is in colour :) I look forward to seeing 2018. Cheers Adam

  3. Steven Pinniger

    Absolutely enchanting, brilliant images with a nice musical backdrop. You, Sir are a maestro.

  4. Eric (Japan)

    Superb work Damien, cheers! Often unable to see any gap between the GFX and XF sensors/lens, but then what: you just prove that it’s not relevant.

    • Damien

      Thank you Eric.

      There are differences of course but you won’t be able to see them until the print stage. Then they becomes obvious. However it’s not the pixels that matter it’s the image content. I don’t really mind what I shoot on. GFX is fine for now. X-Pro1 was fab too.

      Cheers, Damien.