Misha boudoir workshop in Prague

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Here are 23 photographs of Misha taken in Prague. I captured these shots with a simple minimalist style using crisp hard light. It’s a lighting style I was taught in the last century at the BBC when I trained as a lighting director. Not much has changed in the past 30 years and this look remains as classic as ever.

Misha in Prague

01. Inspired by the colour pallete of Edward Hopper, American painter 1882 to 1967 I set my Lupo 1000 LED spotlight to a colour temperature of 3200 Kelvin and set my Fujifilm GFX to a white balance setting of 3600 Kelvin.


A selection of paintings by Edward Hopper showing his use of colour companions and his love for hard light with crisp shadows.


Model: Michala Rusaňuková
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
The shoot: A workshop in hard light boudoir photography for professional photographers
Location: An apartment in Old Town Prague

02. With the colour tones sorted in camera, creating the black and white conversions in Lightroom is a breeze. I use the Acros G film simulation. The Lupo 1000 spotlight had a Scattergel attached to the barn doors with the integral clips to create the dappled light look.


Lighting: Lupo 1000 dual colour spotlight with a Scattergel and a Lupo 650 dual colour LED spotlight.
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s with a GF 32-64mm zoom lens and a 110mm prime lens on a Novo T20 tripod.


Misha lying down on a sofa

03. This change of viewpoint requires my tripod to be at full extension. The tonality and contrast in these images is spot on for print making and that’s what I will be doing at my studio. I use a Canon ink jet machine and print onto A3 Hahnemühle Photo Rag (smooth) paper.


Misha in lingerie by a window

04. The Lupo 650 was at 16% power to provide a bit of rim light for this window light portrait.


Misha in cool tones

05. We set the Lupo 1000 to 5600 Kelvin with the camera set to 4200 Kelvin to capture some cool tone portraits. The light is the same for both shots. Only the camera has moved 90°


Misha in the mirror

06. I placed a mirror against the wall to capture this simple shot lit with one Lupo 1000 spotlight.


Misha on the phone in a Hollywood lighting fashion

07. There was just time in the day to show how I create a vintage movie look with two lights and a few props. Some wall or table lamps in the background would have completed the look.


Misha having a pillow fight with me

08. No Lovegrove boudoir session would be complete without some pillow fight action. This time though we were tame and I wanted to capture the strong portrait shown on the right. After the pillow fight sequence we shot a sequence of Misha lying on the bed.


Misha on the bed

09. I left the bottom shot in colour so you have an idea of the look in the colour images.


Misha's feet off the bed

10. Sometimes the best shots are the un posed details.


Micha in the bath

11. I shot the bath scene twice during my workshops in Prague so I decided to post this one in monochrome and the one in my next blog in colour. You can pop over to my Instagram page to see a colour picture from this set.

Here are a few behind the scenes photographs by Petr Klempa

Behind the scenes Photographs by Petr Klempa

Join me in paradise for an adventure or book a place on a workshop. All the information is here. My next trip is Cuba, then the Wild West USA and Tuscany is on the horizon too.

I want to thank Petr Klempa for talent sourcing and for his BTS images and films in Prague. I’m coming back in April. If you want to join me on a workshop or some 1:1 training in Praha (Prague) in April 2018 please let Blaise or Laura know here. I will then discuss your options with you and a fun creative event will happen.

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