Terez Kočová in Prague

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Here are 31 photographs of Terez Kučová from a complete collection of 75 shots that I took in Prague. This was a ‘Lovegrove Nudes’ workshop that I ran in my rented apartment in the heart of old town Prague. Terez is a wonderful model, full of character and creative ideas. I hope to be working with her in Tuscany on this 3 day workshop in September 2018. NSFW

The shoot: A Lovegrove Nudes workshop in Prague
Photographer: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Terez Kočová
Styling: Terez and Damien

Tereza standing by a window in a bra and knickers drinking coffee

01. We started the session using the light from a window to get everyone up and running with camera settings and to get used to shooting alongside each other. I explained my strategy for exposure with high contrast scenes and how I like to handle white tones in the shot. I showed the photographers how I set up my LCD preview using the jpeg settings to emulate exactly what I see in Lightroom once Lightroom has built it’s previews and we also discussed absolute sharpness and minimum shutter speeds.

Lighting: A Lupo 1000 dual colour and a Lupo 650 dual colour with Scattergels
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s with a GF 32-64mm lens and a GF 110mm lens. Novo T20 tripod


Terez lyes semi naked on a cream leather sofa wearing a cream tutu skirt

02. Our first lit scene was with Terez on the sofa with the tutu skirt that I had bought on Ebay. Some of these shots will make it into my forthcoming book called Tutu. I lit Terez with a Lupo 1000 set to 3200 Kelvin and angled to simulate the light coming from the overhead floor lamp. I moved the Lupo for the shot top right as we had spun the pose around. The beautiful dappled light falling on the scene is a factor of the Scattergel on the barn doors of the Lupo.


Terez Kocova sits topless on a cream leather sofa. The shaft of light reveals her beauty in this monochrome study by Damien Lovegrove

03. That is the classic Lovegrove ‘S curve’ on the unlit side of Terez’s face where the key light highlights her cheek bone then the light scoops down and pics up on her jaw line. Lighting was one Lupo 1000 dual colour (as above). It’s fabulous shooting with continuous light because what you see is what you get. The barn doors and the flood and spot dial give a lot of light control.


Terez Kocova is standing in a doorway wearing a tutu and a sheer top

04. I opted for my black tutu skirt and a simple sheer crop top with sleeves for this shot. I set up the Lupo 650 as a backlight and dialled in 5600 Kelvin. I explained it could be considered moonlight perhaps. Most of us were shooting in black and white but I explained it is important to get the white balance spot on if you want a good black and white rendering of skin tones. The framing for this shot is exactly how I shot it in camera. I use a tripod and get the uprights spot on. I look for lead in lines from the corners and once the framing is set I lock off the head and set the lighting. I can always refer to the live view as I adjust the lighting or the scene contrast.


Terez Kocova stands semi naked in a doorway in Prague

05. Here is a black and white sequence from the setup above. I don’t use Photoshop to edit my work and like to leave skin texture alone keeping the shots real.


Terez photographed from the rear with just a high tutu around her waist showing her naked bottom and legs in black and white.

06. Another set for the Tutu book perhaps. Lit with the Lupo 650 with a ‘Splinter’ Scattergel.


Terez wears a pair of jeans and is otherwise naked in this wide shot in colour.

07. We then set up at the big mirror in the drawing room. I wanted to keep the styling simple so I opted for Terez to wear just a pair of rugged jeans.


Terez stands in front of a mirror topless wearing ripped jeans.

08. This is such a cool look and I’ve used just one light to key and kick Terez.


Terez covers her breasts with her arm wearing just a pair of jeans. Colour photograph by Damien Lovegrove.

09. This is probably my favourite shot from this sequence.


10. We moved through to bedroom 4 for these shots by the window. I went for a punchy dramatic look to my black and white tonality here without crushing the shadows or clipping the highlights.


Terez Kocova lies naked on a bed bathed in sunlight

11. I then showed how to use a couple of Lupo spotlights to make a sunny scene as Terez lay naked on the bed.


Terez's legs and bum in beautiful light

12. There is always room in a Lovegrove album for a few abstract or close detail shots.


13. This sequence of shots of Terez Kučová lying in a bath with flowers was a highlight from my Prague set. It was fun to set up, light and shoot. I must thank Rebecca and Luciana, two of my photographer students, for trimming the carnations and plucking the roses. It was a team effort and well worth it.


14. I love the scene in black and white. I could imagine this as a huge print in exhibition.


Terez Kačová in the shower. Shot in black and white.

15. We finished the session with Terez in the shower and I showed how to light the scene with one spotlight. It is worth noting that the Lupo spotlights can run off a battery so they can be used safely in wet environments. The close up is a very tight crop from a frame shot at 1/250th second.


I will be back in Prague to run more workshops and perhaps I can come to your country too. Do contact Blaise or Laura with ideas and wishes for workshops or 1:1 training. Stay up to date with my workshops available for booking right now by clicking here. and be kept up to date of all future events here.

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  1. John

    Stunning work, as ALWAYS! So inspiring.

    • Damien

      Thank you John,

      I like to keep things beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

      Kindest regards, Damien.

  2. adam trussell

    Great images Damien, the shower one 2nd from last, B&W texture lines and movement, love it.

    • Damien

      Thank you Adam for the compliments.

      That shower shot will make my ‘nudes’ book for sure.

      Cheers, Damien.


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