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Here it is at last. After 10 months of planning, shooting and editing the production is finally finished and ready for download. Learn how to make the world your portrait studio with this all new feature length training video by Damien Lovegrove.

“It doesn’t matter what camera you have, lighting is key… this film is THE key… watch it and unlock your imagination!” – David Edwards

If you’re serious about using flash on location – this video is for you. It breaks down all the processes in easy to understand chunks. Whether you are looking for inspiration or technical information it’s all here in this one feature length production.

“If you only buy one video on lighting this year it should be this one. This is probably the best lighting video currently available.” – Murray Laidlaw

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All the information including my kit list and pricing in each currency is here.

“Love the production value! Just like your previous videos, it makes me want to go out and shoot!” – Piet

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the video or that arise from having watched the video. Click here for more information.

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9 Responses

  1. Richard Moore

    Downloaded and watched (Several times) educational, inspirational an excellent way to spark your imagination… A complete must for photographers.. Richard Moore

      • Richard Moore

        Damien, the SMDV speedbox you use, please could you guide advise where to purchase. Having looked around everything pops up as USA ? Thanks Richard

      • Damien

        Hi Richard,

        I bought the SMDV softbox from the USA and then I had to replace the Speedlight back bit with a Bowens mount bit that I bought from Germany and I bought the grid from Germany as well as the USA patent for the grid stitch is owned by Chimera.

        Part of the process as a photographer is to make up stuff that is needed but isn’t readily available on the shelf.



  2. Paul Krippler

    Hi Damien,
    superb video and great education.

    One question about the recent Godox updates (AD600pro and X-ProF): how do they fit in the current setup and what would be your recommendations for a new to buy setup (AD200, AD600xyz, Trigger)?

    Thanks a lot


    • Damien

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the compliments. I’ve not tried the AD600 pro yet but the spec looks great. I’ve only tried the Fujifilm pro trigger so far and it needs a firmware update.

      I expect my regular AD600BM units to last me 7 or 8 years so I won’t be replacing them until I wear them out ;)



  3. Karsten

    Very interesting!
    Is there a gallery availble with results of the sittings shown in the video?
    I’d love to see some example images before buying.

    • Damien

      Hi Karsten,

      Here is a selection of the images shot. I’ve taken it from the video product page.

      I’ll in Cuba at the moment so I can’t post a new gallery online right now. I hope this shows enough pictures for you.

      Kindest regards,