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I shot this collection of pictures of top model Riona Neve on my Urbex workshop in Charleroi, Belgium, May 2018. This was a technical session covering all aspects of shot design, lighting set up and exposure balancing. I still like to get striking finished images from these events and Riona was an absolute star helping me make that happen.

Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Riona Neve
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s with 32-64mm, 110mm and 250mm lenses
Lighting: Godox AD600 or AD200 with a selection of modifiers
Styling and make up: Riona Neve
Post production: Damien Lovegrove using minimal adjustments in Lightroom
Shoot assistant: Len Martin

Our session started at a bakery where the team made us custom packed lunches before we moved onto location together. I’d scouted the location the day before making note of hazards and access issues etc.

01. A puff of smoke from my battery powered machine and a splash of flash from an AD200 with a softbox was all we needed in this dive of a place to bring it to life as a set for Riona.


02. I placed a home made CTO (orange) gel on my AD600 bulb and then attached a 70cm softbox to add the warm glow to Riona.


03. The Godox AD600 head was on a boom arm counterbalanced with the pack for this long distance shot taken with the GF 250mm on the GFX50s.


4. A simple 18cm reflector is all I used on the AD600 for these shots of Riona.


5. The AD200 used as a kick light from the right gives this shot another dimension.


06. One simple Godox AD200 was perfect for this shot. The long viewpoint adds some useful depth to the shot.


08. I used the 70cm softbox to light Riona here. I must say I prefer a harder light source most of the time. The 70cm is as soft as I’d go.


09. This almost ghostly shot was lit with a pair of flashes. An AD600 with a 18cm reflector from the left and the same from the right.


10. I finished the day with a simple two light set up using a pair of striplight softboxes with the AD600 units.


11. A closer shot of the same set up taken with the GF110mm lens.

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8 Responses

  1. Frank Verheyen

    Wow, great model in a fantastic setting. Love it very much. Ofcourse the photographer has something to do with it Damien. Congrats!

  2. Andrew Brown

    Photos 3 & 8 really stand out for me. Yes, they’re B&W – but they really do suit this type of lighting and environment. Also – they really show what 50mb of MF will give you. Didn’t realise you were on the MF until i spotted the exceptional detail in the young ladies face.

    • Damien

      Thank you Andrew,

      I nearly didn’t include 8 so it just goes to show what do I know? I do like 3 though. :)



  3. Karsten

    Super images with great light!
    Just purchased the Lumen video. Hopefully it will cover styles like these.
    Can’t wait to try it out for myself with my Cactus flashes.
    One more vote for image No. 3: spectacular use of the location with this outfit.
    All the best

    • Damien

      Hi Karsten,

      Thank you for the compliments and for buying Lumen. I cover use of these flashes in similar environments on Lumen so you should get a great idea of what and how to work with flash. Most of these shots could have been shot using Cactus as the ambient light level was quite low in the factory. If you use Cactus on the street for portraits the Illumination 2 video will suit you too as I only use Cactus RF60 units in that production. Anyway, watch Lumen first and ask me any questions that arise.

      Thank you,


  4. J. Mijares

    Wow, Damien! This looks like such an awesome workshop! I really like #3 because of the Vegas Showgirl look. Amazing!


  5. kanai mukherjee

    Fantastic click, lighting is great . GFX is the best medium format camera. what is the price in your country withe one body and 32 to 64 . You are from which country. I am from India , Mumbai