Print Shop ~ The new place to buy Lovegrove art

May 29, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Welcome to my print shop launch. Print shop is a place to browse my photographs and select your favourite to add to your print collection. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at their affordability.

Queensbury, the company behind my global fulfilment are based in New Zealand and have decades of experience of delivering fabulous photography albums, prints and frames to a global client base.

Print Shop is a platform that showcases the work of Damien Lovegrove

The Print Shop platform by Queensbury has allowed me to build an online shop showcasing my work. I’ve started with a collection of thirty mildly erotic photographs but I’ll expand the collection into other genres as this project progresses.

The process of creating the room set images is quite an involved one but the effort pays off. I’ve written a guide to the system for the Queensbury blog and you can read it here.

It took me about a week of work to get this print shop up and running and now it’s a case of adding more photographs and back linking to them from my galleries. Please feel free to suggest photographs to add. An photographer rarely makes a good picture editor and that is very true in my case.

Room sets from the Lovegrove print shop

If there is a photograph in any of my galleries that you’d like to own a copy of drop me a message here and I’ll fulfil that order directly through Queensbury. If you are in the UK and would like a signed print I can produce that in house for you. If the shot is suitable for a wider audience I’ll add it to my print shop.

If you’ve been one of my first customers, Thank you.

I’d love to see a photograph of you with your print, or a shot of your new framed canvas in situ.


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