Scatter the light to create some magic – tutorial

Nov 3, 2023 | Continuous Lighting, Flash, Video | 0 comments

From Vision to Innovation

The Birth of an Idea: It was back in 2010 when the concept of Scattergels first flickered into existence. My dedicated team at Lovegrove Photography and I envisioned these innovative pattern modifiers specifically for Fresnel HMI continuous lights, a mainstay in the realms of film and television.

The BBC Years: Laying the Foundation During my years as a lighting cameraman with the BBC throughout the 1980s and 90s, I fine-tuned the art of sculpting patterned light. Armed with gobos and dingles, I mastered the technique both in-studio and on location. The introduction of cooler-running HMI and LED lights paved the way for fresh creative horizons. In 2010, Scattergels were born. These screen-printed, polyester gels affix to barn doors, granting artists the tools to craft entrancing visual effects.

The Scatterflash Era (2017-2022): In this dynamic period, we propelled our innovation to new heights, producing and selling 800 Scatterflash kits. These bespoke kits were engineered for the Godox AD200 and came equipped with a frame to support Scattergels. Unfortunately, due to escalating production costs, Brexit-induced shipping issues, and dwindling sales, we made the difficult decision to discontinue the Scatterflash line.

Despite the retirement of the Scatterflash kits, the essence of Scattergels persists. It continues to redefine the art of lighting in both photography and filmmaking, assuring its lasting impact on the creative community.

Damien Lovegrove

This ten minute video shows Damien Lovegrove taking portraits lit with the Crunch Scattergel on a 200w LED spotlight and a 150w LED Fresnel light.  You can clearly see here how the Scattergel has transformed the scenes while shooting both video and stills on location. Damien shows three lighting setups in two locations to share tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your own photography.

Dappled light inspiration

In this video Damien Lovegrove shows how he has used Scattergels to transform his photographs. He discusses a selection of his favourite images and gives valuable tips along the way.

How to use Scattergels

This video shows how to attach and use Scattergels on lights and flash units that have a Bowens S mount using the Aputure Light Storm barn door set. This also works with the Godox AD200 with the Godox S2 bracket.

Here are the Aputure Light Storm barn doors shown in the video. Scattergels can also be used with the Godox AD200 and Speedlights by using the Godox S2 bracket and the Aperture Light Storm.

EU orders – VAT is now calculated at the checkout and is included in the price that you pay. Scattergels are shipped IOSS and the VAT is now managed by Taxamo Assure. This expediates delivery and no further charges will need to be made upon delivery.

More information and full specifications can be found here.


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