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Dec 2, 2008 | Business, Wedding | 4 comments

In my previous post on the Wedding Contract I posted a link to our FAQs. I thought I’d share with you my reason for having them.

This infra red shot was taken on my Canon 10Dir. I took it at the Big Day DVD wedding.

This infra red shot was taken on my Canon 10Dir. I took it hand held during the 'Big Day' DVD wedding.

Occasionally it takes many words to adequately explain a system and reasons for a product or service. A pre wedding shoot is one such example. I found that if I wrote out my body text in a separate document using a client centered approach in response to imagined questions I could keep the visual clutter to a minimum on my website.

Another picture taken at the Big Day wedding.

Another picture I took hand held at the 'Big Day' wedding. This one was taken during the wedding itself.

I set out Lovegrove Weddings website strategy just over four years ago and I wanted there to be no scrolling, a dynamic picture content, minimal but poignant words and an html structure for SEO (search engine optimisation). The other goal I set was to establish a clear route for my potential bride visitors enabling them to check our availability and see our prices within 20 seconds and 5 clicks of landing on our site. Downloadable PDFs were the way to go for a lot of information like directions, maps, contracts and our FAQs were one of these.

Please feel free to comment and link back to your FAQs etc. If you’ve found this info useful please feel free to say so by leaving a comment.


  1. Richard King

    Independantly we had the same idea. PDF’s, readily available priceing, and (barley) any scrolling. Seems to be working, and visitors are looking at 5 times more pages than before

  2. damien

    Thank you Dermot and Richard,

    I really value your feedback and it’s comments like yours that make the process worthwhile. Have a great Christmas.


  3. Richard Hobson

    Thank you for a very informative sharing site. I’m in my first year as a professional at Weddings and it’s good to see that I seem to be on the right track with Contracts.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Dermot

    Hi Damien,

    I find this stuff very useful as an insight on how to run a successful business. I loved your last DVD’s and have preordered the wedding one.

    Keep up the good work and keep posting!



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